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Introducing … the Tuff Truck Bag

On a dry day, the bed of your truck works great for hauling gear to and from your hunting spot, fishing lake, campsite or sports event, but how do you transport your gear when rain or snow is in the forecast? The new Tuff Truck Bag solves this problem.

Tough, durable, waterproof and resistant to the elements, the Tuff Truck Bag keeps your luggage and gear safe and dry when in the bed of your truck. Measuring 40″ wide x 50″ long and 22″ tall, this large, but lightweight bag can hold almost anything you’d normally haul in your truck, and it is a great alternative to and more economical than a bed cover, cap or truck bed canopy.

The heavy duty, commercial grade 40″ opening zips from end to end on the front, and even goes around the bag’s corner areas to create a “large mouth” opening. A waterproof, triple-layered, fold-over flap covers the zipper to protect your cargo from water and other outdoor elements.

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All Tuff Truck Bags are made from waterproof, heavy duty, non-breathable PVC material and all seams are water-tight sealed using heat fusion and epoxy.

Heavy duty metal rings are fused in all eight bag corners in order to easily fasten the truck bag to any truck. Four adjustable bungee cords are included with each Tuff Truck Bag.

The Tuff Truck Bag has also been designed to fit snug into any full or mid-size truck bed, but not take over all of the bed space so that you can still use your truck bed if needed. The bags can even be used in conjunction with traditional pickup truck boxes to maximize storage space. The Tuff Truck Bag easily collapses to stow when not in use and can be rolled up for storage in the included tote bag.

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Features at a glance:

Black in color

Waterproof and weatherproof

40″ wide x 50″ long x 22″ tall

Holds 26 cubic feet of space

Heat fusion & epoxy sealed seams

Triple fold flap to cover and shield zipper

Heavy duty to withstand the elements

Lightweight & collapsible for easy storage

Comes with storage tote bag

Heavy duty rings to secure the bag to any truck

4 adjustable bungee cords included

For more info, check out www.tufftruckbag.com.

Tuff Truck Bag Kit

Primary Contact:

Name: Tim Dozier

Phone: 251-391-6662

Email: tim@tufftruckbag.com

Secondary Contact:

Name: Adam Dozier

Phone: 334-714-6332

Email: adam@tufftruckbag.com

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