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Now Shipping … LaserLyte® Subcompact V3 Laser

COTTONWOOD, AZ (December 7, 2010) – LaserLyte®, the leader in laser technology for the shooting and hunting industry, is now shipping the company’s most state-of-the-art, smallest and versatile rail mounted laser to date; the LaserLyte Subcompact V3 laser. Now, half the size of the previous model, the Subcompact V3 needs less than ¾-inch of Picatinny rail space to easily mount onto even the smallest firearms.

Constructed of T6 aluminum for extra strength and durability, this updated unit offers a smart, cost-effective auto-off feature. If left on for five minutes, the unit begins to display a unique flash for one minute, indicating to the user that the unit will automatically shut off soon. After one minute in flash mode the unit shuts itself off to extend battery life, prevent accidental activation and battery depletion. Press the unit’s button at any time to reset this feature for five more minutes.

The Subcompact V3 easily mounts with a hex drive crossbar screw and features windage adjustment, elevation adjustment and programmable constant on and pulse modes. Additionally, the unit is ideal for left- and -right handed shooters with two separate activation buttons located on the backside of the laser. Not only will the laser fit nicely on the smallest of sub-compact railed pistols, it works great on modern rifles as well.

The Subcompact V3 laser is powered by four 377 batteries that provide five hours in constant on mode and ten hours in pulse mode of normal usage. Normal usage is defined as one minute on and one minute off. This test mimics actual usage where the unit is turned on and off and the battery is given time to automatically regenerate.

LaserLyte Subcompact V3 Specifications

– Product Number: FSL-3

– Compatible Firearms: Any firearm with a minimum of .70 inches rail space

– Laser module: 650nm

– Laser modes: constant on, pulse and auto-off

– Batteries: 4-377 batteries

– Battery Life: 5 hours constant on (actual usage),

10 hours pulse (actual usage)

– Material: 6061 T6 aluminum

– Weight: .50 oz., 15 g

– Length/Width/Height: .92 in./.69 in./.20 in., 23.37 mm/ 17.53 mm/ 5.08 mm

– Range at Night: 500 yd., 457.2 m

– MSRP: $99.99

About LaserLyte®:

LaserLyte®, the leader in laser technology, is the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries. The company strives to heighten the experience of shooting by offering high quality, competitively priced lasers and other firearms accessories. For additional information about LaserLyte, visit www.laserlyte.com. Keep up to date with LaserLyte on Facebook or Twitter. Visit the LaserLyte YouTube page for all the LaserLyte action.

Media Contact:

Laura Burgess Marketing

P: 252-288-5805


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