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Guru Huntress: ‘How Cold Was It, Nancy Jo?’ … Cold enough to need the WarmBag

I just returned home from a late season muzzleloader whitetail deer hunt in Amana, Iowa. What a fantastic time I had; however, it could have been a very miserable hunt had I not been prepared. I hunted in the coldest weather I have ever experienced: 7°F with a wind chill factor of -13 and 20-25 mph wind and gusts up to 30 mph. Add to that snow that blew into the blind and covered my gear and me on my first morning hunt.

My Iowa Arsenal included The WarmBag.

Before traveling to Iowa, I packed my hunting clothes meticulously making sure that I kept in mind that not only would I have very cold weather, it was highly likely that there would also be snow.  I needed a layer that was going to be water resistant and warm. My rain gear was not going to fit comfortably over my wool clothes that I planned to wear. I found the perfect solution — the WarmBag by Staywoods, LLC.

The WarmBag is a unique outerwear specifically designed for hunting. It is made of a quiet windproof and waterproof 180-gram outer shell with a 300-gram fleece lining. This material combination allows the WarmBag to be thin enough for comfort and mobility, yet warm enough for extended exposure to cold weather. The bag features a three-quarter length, two-way front zipper with a comfort top tab.

The neck opening has a drawstring that allows the neck to be adjusted to fit snugly to completely seal the WarmBag allowing body heat to warm up the interior. The WarmBag incorporates a unique quiet zipper system for arm ports. The arm ports can be unzipped from the inside for access to a weapon with one concealed movement. There are two pockets on the interior and one conveniently located on the outer shell at the left breast for a rangefinder, binoculars or anything that you would need quick access to.

A unique feature of the WarmBag is that it can be unzipped to the waist for removal of feet and folded up to the waist and secured with the nylon belt that is sewn in and tucked away in it own pocket at the bottom of the unit.  This allows the wearer to be mobile while wearing the warm bag. This feature came in handy when I needed to be mobile while hunting on the ground or when walking to my stand and climbing the ladder stand.

The WarmBag by Staywoods, LLC

The WarmBag can easily be stepped out of and the bottom of the bag belted around your waist with the sewn in belt for walking to and from stand.

You have the option of a removable hat. The system comes with its own storage bag with a convenient draw sting top and adjustable nylon strap for carrying in and out of the field. The entire WarmBag in the stuff sack weighs in at a mere 4.5 pounds.

The WarmBag has a 90-day guarantee; if for ANY reason you are not satisfied with the product, return it to receive a full refund. The product has a lifetime warranty; if the product fails because of defects in material or workmanship return it for repair or replacement.

The WarmBag is available in Mossy Oak Treestand, Realtree AP HD, ASAT or black in sizes Medium (up to 5.6”), L (up to 6.2”) or XL (up to 6.6”). The WarmBag retails for $249; but can be purchased right now for $149, plus free shipping for 2 units or more.

See the WarmBag website for some videos about the WarmBag. Call customer service at 888-927-6224.

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures and see how these products work for her in the field, see her blog: http://njadams1.wordpress.com/

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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