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SHOT Show 2011: Where Lars finds 'Girls Guide to Guns'

It seems like NRA bloghost Lars Dalseide always went the wrong way at SHOT Show. If we were headed up the escalator, we’d see him on the other side, going down the escalator. If we were going to something, he was going fro. If we were here, he was there. However, we both met up with Katie and Natalie, the brains behind the blog “Girl’s Guide to Guns.” In fact, the women so impressed Lars that we’re pretty sure he sent the camera guy out to interview them on the floor of the show, and if you go to their website, you can see the interview. They aren’t about self-defense or hunting or practical shooting. They’re about women feeling the empowerment of being able to use a firearm. And on this issue, we believe Lars will always be going the right way.

Natalie Foster (L) and Katie Shackelford. Photo courtesy of NRA Blog.

See the story here.

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