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Guru Huntress: The Tuff Truck Bag (OK, just call me the Bag Lady!)

I brought to you my experience with the WarmBag in my last writings, in this one I am sharing another type bag with you; one that was just as handy and I was just as thrilled with its performance.

Having a pickup truck is an absolute must in my life, as it is with many hunters. Finding a bed topper that allows full access to the truck bed is not so easy to do without being inconvenienced. On many of my trips you will find lock-ons, climbers, ladder stands, several Rubbermaid tubs, a pruning pole saw, and other objects that do not allow me to take advantage of a roll top or traditional bed covers.

In the past, I have used Rubbermaid tubs; which work but in the blowing rain and without being strategically placed directly behind the cab, they do leak. My method was to duct tape the edges off all 4 tubs—twice; once on the trip to my destination and again on my return trip. What a hassle!

The Tuff Truck Bag solved all of my gear packing issues and saved half a roll of duct tape per trip. I was absolutely amazed as to number of bags and the amount of gear I was able to pack into the Tuff Truck bag. The bag was definitely put through the test on two hunting trips; the 5,600 miles brought high winds, freezing weather, rain, sleet, and snow. The bag did not leak, shift, tear or blow excessively in the wind.

The Tuff Truck Bag in heavy weight black PVC material. (Photo courtesy of Tuff Truck Bag)

The Tuff Truck Bag is constructed of heavyweight, non-breathable PVC with heat fusion and epoxy sealed seams, with a triple fold flap to cover the entry zipper making the bag waterproof and weatherproof. The entry end of the bag has a 42”+ heavy duty, commercial grade zipper that extends around the edge of the bag allowing for easy loading and unloading. A flap with strips of Velcro folds down over the zipper for added protection against rain and moisture.

Each corner of the bag has two heat-fused, solid metal rings for securing the bag in the truck bed. Also included are 4 adjustable bungees and a nylon drawstring top storage bag. The bag measures 40”x50”x22”, weighs less than 10 pounds, folds down and rolls up easily for convenient storage in its own bag. The rolled up, stored bag can be conveniently kept in a standard truck toolbox or under the back seat storage area in some trucks.

The Tuff Truck Bag conveniently fits trucks with installed tool boxes and leaves spare room for items around the bag. (Photo courtesy of Tuff Truck Bag)

The Tuff Truck Bag will fit mid-size or full-size trucks, short or long wheelbase and is designed so that it does not take up the entire truck bed. This feature is perfect for my application because it still gives me the option of loading other items around the bag.

The Tuff Truck Bag is perfect for weatherproof storage that does not restrict the use of truck beds as standard bed covers or roll top covers do. The Tuff Truck Bag is available in Khaki or Black and is currently $119.95 with free ground shipping. You can read more about the Tuff Truck Bag at www.tufftruckbag.com.

The Tuff Truck Bag rolled up and stored with bungee cords in the handy drawstring storage bag. (Photo courtesy of Tuff Truck Bag)

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures and see how these products work for her in the field, see her blog: http://njadams1.wordpress.com/

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The Conversation

  • Nancy Jo Adams says: February 17, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    This bag never ceases to amaze me….I can put so much stuff in it. We will never have to pull over on the side of the road and do the gear shuffle in the pouring rain again. I am glad you found it as wonderful as I did.

  • Billinda says: February 16, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    So glad we bought a bag…worked perfectly & saved lots of room in the truck for more stuff & my dogs!