WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Now available at HerCamoShop.com – the EvoShield Shooting Recoil Shirt

What’s the worst thing about shooting a rifle or shotgun? The recoil! HerCamoShop.com introduces the EvoShield Shooting Recoil shirt, a complete recoil suppression system which includes shirt with pocket for custom-formable, self-hardening recoil shield. Available in sizes:x-small thru x-large and for your right or left shoulder.

Visit HerCamoShop.com today for your EvoShield Shooting Recoil shirt!From the EvoShield website description:

EvoShield introduces DSP technology to make the world’s first and only CUSTOM-FORMING recoil shirt. This moisture wicking compression shirt has a hidden shoulder pocket. The RECOIL evoSHIELD is ripped out of the foil pack, placed into the shoulder pocket of the shirt. Work your natural gun set into the shield for 5-10 minutes. After 20 minutes, the RECOIL evoSHIELD is permanently formed to your shoulder and natural gun set. This dual-process evoSHIRT keeps the body temperature regulated in all weather conditions, improves accuracy with your permanent gun set, and comfortably protects by reducing felt recoil. Whether you live for the shooting range, or enjoy hunting winged game in the fields, the RECOIL evoSHIRT will give you the comfortable accuracy you have been searching for.

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