She's got 'Ammo & Attitude' — Becky Lou Lacock update

Becky Lou Lacock, winner of 2010 Ammo & Attitude competition, sponsored by Otis Technology and seen on Versus, checks in and lets us know what is on her schedule for 2011.


The most exciting part of my year was the opportunity to compete with five other women on a new outdoor reality show  for VERSUS Network called Ammo & Attitude.

Becky Lou Lacock. Submitted. photo.

I was initially approached in February by the producers, who presented the show’s agenda as a friendly competition among women who are active in the outdoors. I understood their goal was to produce a show that encouraged women to take it outdoors, which has been my own personal goal and passion for more than 10 years now. The competition included different outdoor challenges, including kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, archery, shotgun, rifle, hunting, fishing and much more.

The filming of 11 episodes began in May 2010, and with a quick editing turn-around, the show began airing at the beginning of August 2010. The series ran with 11 fresh weekly episodes, and when the competition was completed and the winner announced, re-runs began airing twice a week for another 11 weeks, for a total of 22 straight weeks, and a grand total of 33 broadcasts!

The show was very successful, and the excellent ratings have prompted VERSUS network to sign  Ammo & Attitude  for five more years/seasons. This is extremely exciting for me personally… for as the cookies crumbled and the dust cleared, I was the last one standing, and proclaimed the winner.

Becky Lou Lacock. Submitted photo.

I have always been game to try most anything, blessed with a positive attitude, a pretty good shot with most firearms, a rule-follower for sure, and I don’t give up easy! Being the oldest of the six contestants, I’m especially proud of my accomplishments and I am hoping that my achievements will be an inspiration to all women. I love reminding everyone that it is never too late in life to try something new outdoors.

In an effort to promote the coming seasons, Doreen and Jody Garrett, of OTIS Technologies, (hosts and major sponsors of Ammo & Attitude) arranged for an autograph signing for the winner at their booth at Shot Show 2011. It was very exciting and gave me the opportunity to share my story again, and again, and again. If you missed the show airing, all of the episodes can be viewed online.

Another highlight of my year was to be accepted as part of the Commando ProStaff, now on staff with Ed Johnson, who took me on my first turkey hunt in 2009. I am very honored and proud to be considered a part of the crew, and extremely excited about the efforts they have made to support women in the industry, with several accomplished outdoor women on staff, “Go Commando!”

I am really looking forward to the many hunts I have scheduled for 2011, including a black bear Hunt in Alaska, Texas turkey Hunts, an appearance on a national TV production, lots of whitetail hunts in the fall and more fishing.

Happing hunting, and always remember that “camo can be classy”™. Follow Becky Lou’s blog here.

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