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Babbs in the Woods: Little women in the outdoors

While I was out turkey hunting this week in the Ozarks, my daughter-in-law spent a grueling day in a labor and birthing room on the East Coast. I stayed in text message range, so that I could read updates — vibrating in my hunting pants’ pocket many times throughout the morning. Later in the day, my son texted me this word: “Girl!”

Realtree pink camo bedding made by Kimlor.

The new parents chose not to know the sex of their baby until, like in the old days, she appeared. And, now … I am the Camo Gramma of three little girls, all infants. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know about Velma and Bertha, the twins on the West Coast. They sleep in pink Realtree camo bedding, and their room is done in Realtree pink accents, complete with Stacey Huston pink camo finch prints that she sent to them as gifts.

This little one, I’ll call her Pippi Jean, is coming home today to a nursery with curtains that her mama made that feature the outdoors and animals and trails. Her room is all green and yellow and happy, and I’ll be rocking her in there in shortly.

Stacey Huston photography.

So, only having one little princess in our brood of four children, it is such a pleasure to receive the gift of three granddaughters — a bevy of little beauties, our own “Little Women in the Outdoors” program!

Grandpa is designing a swingset/wildlife blind/fort for them. In the meantime, I’m finding camo and Carhartt for them, because we will spend a lot of time in the woods together.

In case you have a little woods princess in your pack, you may want to check out these options from retailers, to reinforce the outdoor lifestyle you will not doubt want to expose her to from the beginning:

Realtree pink camo: Mix it with the real thing, a few fawn stuffed animals and two gobbling turkeys (the twins’ Easter present from Camo Gramma).

Stacey Huston photography: Stacey will customize any of her photographs in any shape, form or size — if within reason!

Camp Wild Girls romper.

Camp Wild Girls infant clothing: Check out these rompers. Velma and Bertha have one each. Am looking forward to buying more for them from the Camp Wild Girls’ store as they get older. Oh, and I really like my Camp Wild Girls’ fleece jacket.



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