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Babbs in the Woods: Natalie Foster interviews ‘PR Guru’ Laura Burgess

She’s like Jackie O. She’s got style, class and a sense of humor, that Laura Burgess. She’s also willing to share her success story and did so recently in an interview at Girls Guide to Guns, conducted by its publisher, Natalie Foster. Natalie is a newcomer to the industry and a rising star. Laura’s star rose a while ago, especially when she launched her own PR and marketing firm.

Laura Burgess shot rifles and shotguns in sleeveless attire at the BlackHawk! bloggers' event in Norfolk, Va., proving that the Knoxx Stock provides excellent recoil protection. Photo by Barbara Baird.

I’m just delighted to know both of these ladies, and also, Laura’s daughter — another rising star in the outdoor industry and in particular, the social media aspect of it — Ashley.

Laura’s answers to some of the well-thought questions by Natalie might surprise you, and I bet they’ll educate you. For example, when Natalie asks Laura how it came to be that Laura has become such a major player in the gun industry, here’s the answer:

The reason I started this company was, at that time, there weren’t a lot of PR firms out there that worked with the smaller and mid-size companies or did project-based types of PR. Also, many of the writers who had become my friends told me that they had a difficult time reaching the marketing companies and getting product. I thought this was a great opportunity to see if I could fill that gap.

Natalie captures Laura’s intensity and humor, as she has done with so many interviews of women in the gun industry. Keep up the good work over there at Girls Guide to Guns, Natalie. Keep those interviews coming. And also, Laura, you keep up the good work, too. The rest of us, we’ll try to keep up with you!

Visit Girls Guide to Guns.

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