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Gear Court: Hatfield Tactical Racker — No more worries when you get in a jam

When I began shooting handguns, one of the first problems I encountered was the difficulty in being able to properly rack my pistol.  I was first taught to utilize the slingshot technique, which I immediately found I could not do quickly, due to my inability to get a good grip on the rear of the slide, and just plain lack of strength.  Now I always use the overhand grip, but I still sometimes find that my hand slides a bit on the barrel, especially if it is not completely dry.  When I was first contacted about reviewing the Hatfield Tactical Racker, I’ll be honest, I had no idea what it even was.  Once I learned that it was specifically designed to improve the shooter’s ability to manipulate the slide, I was ecstatic.  This could solve my fear of being unable to quickly clear a jam in an emergency situation.

Uninstalled Hatfield Racker. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Yoder.

Hatfields Gunsmithing designed the tactical racker in two different sizes to fit all GLOCK pistols.  When I first received it, I had no idea how to attach it to my pistol.  I realized that I needed to remove the slide cover plate and replace it with the Hatfield Racker; the problem was that I had no clue how to do this.   There were no instructions on the packaging, but a quick search on Hatfield’s website led to a short demo video.  After watching the video, I was easily able to remove the slide cover plate and install the Hatfield Racker in less than five minutes on my GLOCK 19.

When I went to the range, I took along a second GLOCK 19 that did not have the Hatfield Racker installed so I could really get a feel for the difference.  The first thing I noticed was that I could easily utilize the slingshot method on the gun with the Hatfield Racker; I still struggled to do so without it.  Because I am accustomed to the overhand method of racking, I knew that even with the Hatfield Racker attached, in an emergency situation, my habitual method would not change.  I quickly noticed, however, that the Hatfield Racker also helped with this type of grip as it stabilizes your hand by giving you a place to rest your thumb.

Comparison photo with and without the Hatfield Racker. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Yoder.

Another benefit that the Hatfield Racker brings is the ability to rack your pistol with only one hand.  I tried this out by holding the pistol in my right hand, and resting the Hatfield Racker on the edge of a picnic table.  The Hatfield Racker easily held the slide, so that when I pushed the gun downward with only one hand, it quickly chambered a round.

GLOCK has a reputation for being tough and durable; the same appears to hold true for the Hatfield Racker.  It is machined from billet aluminum then hard anodized for a tough finish.  It has a solid feel to it, and when installed on my pistol, I could tell it was secure.

The Hatfield Tactical Racker would definitely be a great addition to any GLOCK.   It makes me feel a lot better knowing that I can easily clear a jam or chamber a round in any situation with the Hatfield Racker attached to my pistol.  It is available for all GLOCK models and comes in black, silver, red and blue.  You can learn more about it by going to hatfieldsgunsmithing.com, or if you are in the northern Virginia area, you can stop in their store and see it for yourself.

This product was provided to reviewer for review.


The Conversation

  • Jennifer L Yoder says: June 25, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Paige–I think this is a great product for people just like your mom! Any product that adds safety to your pistol is a definite win in my book!

  • Kristen Hatfield says: June 25, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Paige – We are currently prototyping other versions of the Racker. We can utilize our design on most striker fired automatic pistols and will eventually have other versions. Keep an eye on our website for release dates. Thanks! Hatfields