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Guru Huntress: She votes ‘eye’ for Revision Sawfly Shooting Glasses

Preparing for a day on the range always starts with packing my range bag with the necessities important for protection. Eye protection is very important when participating in shooting sports from shell matter or gunpowder blowing back into unprotected eyes.

There are many different brands and styles to choose from but most have similar characteristics that are significant to the performance of shooting glasses. Lightweight materials such as plastic, titanium or aluminum insure a comfortable fit. The most crucial component of shooting glasses is the lens material and impact resistance. High impact resistant lenses made of CR 39 plastic, Polycarbonate or Crown glass allow an adequate amount of protection; with Polycarbonate weighing less and having the higher impact resistance of the three and also offers UV protection.

Shooting glasses are designed to ride high on the bridge of the nose allowing for a wide field of vision and full visibility of the target out of the center of the lens when the gun is mounted. The glasses should have wrap-around style lenses that extend past the outer corner of the eyes or have adequate size lenses to not only protect the shooter’s eyes but to ensure complete field of vision.

Shooting glasses should sit a little farther away from the face and forehead allowing for adequate ventilation. Having adequate ventilation will keep the glasses from fogging up and will keep skin oils and sweat from adhering to the lenses.

The choice of interchangeable lenses in different colors is a great feature for diversity when shooting under various light conditions. Darker lenses are ideal for bright sunny days and lighter lenses are perfect for cloudy or overcast days. Some manufacturers offer a wide variety of lens colors to choose from. Some styles offer cable temples or wrap-around style temples that extend around the back of the ear to ensure a secure fit and to keep the glasses in place. The nose piece should be made of soft silicone or molded rubber for comfort and should not obstruct the field of view when the gun is mounted.

Revision SawFly XT-1 Frames w/Vermillion

My shooting glasses of choice are the Revision Sawfly Shooting Glasses. The Shooter’s kit comes with 3 interchangeable lenses, a retention strap, a cloth case that serves as a cleaning cloth and a zippered nylon storage case with a handy snap to attach to your range bag, shooting vest or belt. The optical grade Polycarbonate high-impact lenses are ANSI certified, meet Military Requirements and are scratch-resistant coated on both sides. The optically correct curved lens offer 100% protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays and are interchangeable for various light conditions.

The Sawfly temple arms are adjustable with rubber for a secure fit; an optional retention strap is included for added safety when needed. The design of the glasses allow for an unrestricted field of view. The glasses are available in two sizes with the option of a prescription glass carrier for personalized, custom protection.  Revision offers additional lenses in various colors for the Sawfly. You can see the additional lenses as well as the kits available at www.revisioneyewear.com. ~Nancy Jo Adams

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Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer was compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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The Conversation

  • Bullet Boy says: August 4, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Hey Guru Huntress and BB (Babs the other “BB”),

    After making my post on the Revision Hellfly Ballistic Glasses apparently Revision wasn’t satisfied they sent me a Sawfly Shooters Kit with 3 different color lenses. Early signs work out some of the kinks I had with the Hellfly glasses.

    I will be sure to share my review with you once I get it written.

    Bullet Boy

  • Nancy Jo Adams says: July 4, 2010 at 9:32 am

    That is what is so wonderful about reviews…always keeping in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. For example, if you compare my backpack and equipment with 4 other hunters, you will have many varieties of favored gear. Bringing good quality and practical gear to my readers is my goal in this column.

    If a product fails miserably in the field and is not practical, I send it back to the company with regrets and an explanation of why the product did not perform in the field. I have tested products that I personally did not care for but the product would work great for the next person….they still made the grade and got a great review.

    I love to read WHY a product did not work for a specific tester and compare if those reasons would be an issue for the majority. I, too, am looking forward to reading your review. Hunt, hard, harvest ethically and may your drag be short. Good luck this season. Nancy Jo

  • Bullet Boy says: July 3, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Interesting. We had a completely different experience with the Revision Glasses. I am in the process of writing the review of my experience over the last 3 months with Revision Eyewear’s Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses. None the less it is cool to get in a different perspective.