WON Gun Marti Davis featured in Bass Pro Shops’ hunting catalog

You’re going to meet her soon, when she debuts as a new WON Gun with her blog called “Marti Davis Afield.” Until then, check out Missouri’s Marti Davis on page 109 of Bass Pro Shops’ 2011 Master Hunting Catalog. Marti is on pro staffs for several outdoor equipment companies, including Knight & Hale, Moultrie Products and Mossy Oak.

Marti is not a full-time professional hunter. She lives in Smalltown, USA, works a dayjob at a quarry and hunts her heart out the rest of the time — when she’s not working at clinics and in the field, assisting new hunters and shooters, that include children, woman and disabled veterans. Marti tailors all her free time to the outdoors, and that’s why we think you’re going to like her journey, her story, about her life afield.

Until then, check out Bass Pro Shops’ 2011 Master Hunting Catalog online.


Marti on pg. 109 of Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting catalog. Photo by Chris Irwin.


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