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Guru Huntress: She likes ‘Clyde’ even better in Sportsman Camo Cover

Averaging about 65,000 miles a year, our truck — affectionately known as Clyde — has been in places and situations that might be termed “unimaginable.” We didn’t buy our truck to be “styling and profiling” rolling down the road; we bought Clyde to be a work horse, a means of getting us in and out of some of the harshest terrain that we encounter.

Clyde is also our main means of transportation getting us to and from our full-time employment in the “concrete jungle.” This meant that no matter how hard Clyde works on the weekend, we need to be able to ride in him on the weekdays in business attire.

Our greatest concern was the interior — more specifically, the seats. We needed a seat cover that would perform well as we loaded up from a hunt day’s work in the field — no matter how dirty, muddy or wet we may be. A seat cover that could withstand the extended hours we spent in Clyde on trips to hunting locations in other states — often drinking and eating our meals in the cab. The seat covers had to be durable, stain resistant, water repelling, fitted and (of course) eye appealing.  We were not personally interested in a camouflage pattern because as hard as it may be to believe, our entire life does not revolve around camouflage.

435 x 235 Sportsman Camo Cover for the front page of WON

When we were introduced to Sportsman Camo Cover at last year’s World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Ala., our first thoughts were how amazingly fitted the cover was on the display seat. The seat cover was so fitted it almost looked as if the seat had been re-upholstered. I talked extensively with Maury Andrews, owner of Sportsman Camo Cover, discussing my concerns with finding a good seat cover that would perform to our standards.

While looking at the swatch book of all the beautiful camo patterns and material swatches that his product can be made of I told him that I really did not want a camouflage seat cover jokingly saying, “I don’t plan on hunting in my seat covers.” He looked at me and said, “I got you covered.”  He asked me what color my truck interior was and quickly thumbed through his swatches and showed me two shades of gray; a bold dark gray and a light softer gray.

Maury suggested a two-toned seat cover. We could not envision it until he explained that the padded portion in the middle of the seat cover would be the lighter tone and the rest of the seat cover would be the darker shade. We were concerned that the light gray would show too much dirt. Then he said two words, “Scotch Guard.”

Being a new model truck for which a pattern was not yet available, we were surprised to have had the seat covers on our truck seats within three weeks. We were so excited about how the two-toned material blended and were even more pleased with the fit of the seat covers.

Sportsman Camo Covers combined 70 years of experience in design and manufacturing with the added reputation of manufacturing products made in the U.S.A. That, to me, guarantees a high quality product.  The company uses 500-denier Codura 100 percent nylon. All designs include stitched extra padding for a designer fit.

The fabric is water-resistant and can be easily spot cleaned with a damp rag and/or a small fabric brush. The seat covers are machine-washable on the gentle cycle, but an application of Scotch Guard every 3 months will keep the seats clean. The seat covers fit like a glove and stay securely in place without bunching or stretching out of shape.

Sportsman Camo Seat covers are easy to order online, especially with its website’s search function that allows you to designate your vehicle model and year.  If you are attending the 28th Annual World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Ala., you can see the seat covers firsthand in booth 405. Stop by and tell Maury Andrews that you saw his product in my column. Or visit the Sportsman Camo Cover website at http://www.camotruckseats.com/.

I am certain that the Sportsman Camo Covers we have on Clyde will withstand many more adventures and last for many years to come, regardless as to the abuse the seat covers will be put through. The seat covers have been the best we have purchased and definitely the best we have ever seen in fit, pattern, quality and materials. You can rest assured that our seats will be covered with Sportsman Camo Covers.

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures and see how these products work for her in the field, see her blog at Shenanigans From the Field or follow her on Facebook.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.


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