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Babbs in the Woods: Who reads The WON? Meet Margie Nelson

“Hi, Barb. I’m Margie.”

Babbs, Margie Nelson and Kirstie Pike.

I looked up from a table of Prois camo things last summer in Bozeman, Montana, into the crystal blue eyes of Margie Nelson. You see, she reads The WON and made the trip over to Bozeman from Livingston to meet Kirstie Pike (Prois’s CEO) and me, and to talk about women in the outdoors.

Margie is a tough nut – a single mom, paddle boarder, bartender, avid huntress and woman who lives life for every moment she can squeeze out of it. Could be she does this because she’s been over to that other side and back (twice) – the darkness that cancer and going through the treatments brings? In fact, you can read Lauren Russell’s fine article that features Margie and her comeback in the Bozeman Chronicle.

And what does Margie have to say about her life?

   I would really like women out in the world to know that there is a really wonderful life for them after cancer … if they want it.

From what I know about Margie, I think this sign that she posted at her Facebook page says it all:

Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says, “Oh no! She’s up!”

Margie Nelson and an antelope.

We wanted you to meet Margie, one of our readers and friends.

Thanks, Margie, and someday, Kirstie and I are going to paddleboard on the Yellowstone with you. We promise!


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