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‘Funeral Home Girls’ choose winning caption for Shoot to Thrill carp photo

It’s not over yet … the whole Carp Caper experience. One of TeamWON’s own carp eradicators, a woman who lives the dream everyday in Southern Illinois — of figuring out how to eradicate the region of pesky, nuisance carp — submitted this photo for a caption. It’s Gretchen Steele’s photo and if you know Gretchen, you’ll know that she has quite a “feel” for capturing moments in the outdoors that might go unnoticed.


Ashley Allison_Steele 400.jpg


The “Funeral Home Girls” (aka, Cheri and Missy) of the Pyatt Funeral Homes in Southern Illinois chose Traci Schauf’s caption: “Kiss me, you fool!” Traci will receive a Pelican Memory Card case, courtesy of Gretchen. Thanks to everyone for playing along! Watch for another caption contest this fall.

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