Gear Court: Squattie Pottie gets put on probation

There is yet another urinal on the market specifically designed to assist females in discreetly relieving themselves while enjoying the outdoors. This device can be used in numerous situations where it is necessary for a female to be inconspicuous when nature calls — while boating, camping, hiking, participating in many outdoor activities, or for use in public restrooms where germs and unhealthy situations exist. This product is the Squattie Pottie by Flow-Go International.

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Did she or didn't she? Paige Eissinger on a spring turkey hunt with the Squattie Pottie. She liked it!

The Squattie Pottie is made of a durable, bacteria-resistant, plastic resin. The system comes in two options;  the mini and the complete.  The mini option comes with the Squattie Pottie, one extender and two sanitary wipes packaged in an eco-friendly, reusable carrying bag. The mini is ideal for situations where it is necessary to direct the urine flow into a toilet or onto the ground. The Complete option comes with the Squattie-Pottie, 2 extenders, a two-part connector, 3 reusable collection bags, and sanitary wipes in a reusable eco-friendly carrying bag. The complete option is ideal when it is necessary to collect the urine in a sealable, non-leaking bag for later disposal.

The Squattie Pottie can be conveniently used standing or sitting. The device is anatomically conforming, places comfortably where it needs to be and can be held in place easily with one hand. This product worked as instructed and is definitely an improvement from two other similar products I tried previously. Although the Squattie Pottie is great for its intended purpose, I found it to be impractical for use in the field while hunting.

Where the Squattie Pottie received low marks from me is the fact that the collection bag was not puncture-resistant. After utilizing the Squattie Pottie, I could not return the used pouch with the collected contents into my backpack without fear that items in my backpack would puncture the bag, allowing its contents to spill or leak.

My preferred option for in-field use is leak-proof and puncture resistant. Whatever can be flushed in a toilet can be collected in the option I prefer; therefore, toilet paper or sanitary wipes can be placed in the container for proper disposal. The Squattie Pottie did not give me the option of placing the toilet paper or sanitary wipes in the collection bag and left me having to find another place to store them until they could be thrown away properly.

The Squattie Pottie collection pouch has to be discarded into the trash, which cannot always be done discreetly. It is also necessary to buy additional collection bags for future use. With my preferred option, I can be inconspicuous when discarding the contents upon return to camp because it is out of sight in my backpack from other hunters. The contents can be emptied into a toilet and flushed away. My preferred device can be sanitized by rinsing with hot tap water with scent-removing soap and sprayed, inside and out, with a scent-removing spray; which I always have in my backpack.

Without the modification of a puncture-resistant collection container, I would not recommend the Squattie Pottie for hunting. However, for many other outdoor activities and situations, the Squattie Pottie would be ideal.  To see the recommended uses of the Squattie Pottie, instructions on how to properly use the product or to order yours today, visit the website.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

*Editor’s Note:  HerCamoShop, an advertiser with The WON, has sent several Squattie Potties to women overseas in the military, and we will be posting any comments on the Squattie Pottie we receive from them in the future.



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  • Jeff says: August 31, 2011 at 6:20 am

    There is one correction and that is the storage bags are reusable, Nancy was not aware this fact when she tested the Squattie Pottie. Great review by a great lady and wonderful promoter of “ladies-only” events.