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Babbs in the Woods: Something they won’t tell you at your firearms instructor course

If a woman wants to learn to shoot, there’s a very good chance she will be taught by a guy. That’s just the way it is in the real world. There are very few women instructors out there, but the good news is that more and more women are entering the field of instructing. Last year, at its national exhibits and meetings, the National Rifle Association even held a separate training course for women instructors who want to teach women-only classes.

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I have been an NRA-certified pistol instructor, along with Dr. Bomb, for about four years now. So, this week, over on the Black Man with a Gun podcast, I chimed in with my advice to a guy named Scott who asked me a question about teaching women to shoot.

Scott wrote,

Dear Barbara,

I am a fairly new firearms instructor from a small farming community in the heartland. I have had enough interest in a women’s-only basic firearms and handgun safety class that I am going to have a class in October and would appreciate any recommendations you have for a guy teaching an all-women’s class. I know that the basics are the same for us all but are there any specific methods or approaches that I should work on or avoid?

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Todd Jarrett asks me to trust him and put my hand between his shoulder and the stock of this shotgun, featuring a Knoxx Stock. Photo by Laura Burgess.

You can hear my reply if you visit the site. It’s Episode #233, “Just Grillin.'” Oh, and also, you’ll get to hear the “pastor of pistoleros,” Kenn Blanchard, aka “Black Man with A Gun,” and my paintball teammate on his weekly podcast (now with more than half a million downloads).

Dr. Bomb — the guy to whom I’ve been married for 33 years this weekend — and I usually spend a few hours on the weekends at our local shooting range, so I like to listen to Black Man with A Gun when I’m home from the range, cleaning whatever gun(s) I’ve shot that day. It makes a nice change from the usual radio.

Barb_Todd Jarrett_shotgun.jpg

How many people can claim that Todd Jarrett gave them shooting lessons? What a treat and boy, you could not ask for a better instructor. Note the Knoxx Stock. Sweet. Photo by Laura Burgess.

Kenn does a nice job of being thorough, with entertaining transitions between segments that contain interviews, opinions, reviews, Zombie Strike installment of the week, and well, you just never know. Also, Kenn just added updates with Mrs. M, a little old Greek lady with a strong sense of patriotism. (And, a personal friend of mine right here in Rolla, MO!)

So, if you’re looking for something refreshing to listen to this weekend, and to someone who will reinforce your belief that there are people in this world to whom the Second Amendment still matters, check out this podcast.

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Just one of the guys? Maybe so ... but treated with respect and dignity and not kept at arm's length all at the same time? Couldn't have asked for more at this bloggers' event than that!  That's Kenn Blanchard in the middle with the Catawba sweatshirt on. I'm in pink, of course. Photo by Laura Burgess of the bloggers after our paintball competition.





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