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Julie G.: My A to Z list for the IPSC World Shoot

Julie Golob, who recently claimed United States Practical Shooting Association’s national titles in Ladies Revolver and Production divisions, enjoyed a two-day turnaround before she packed up again to head to Greece, where she will shoot  for Team USA at the IPSC World Shoot XVI. We asked Julie to play a little game for The WON, and to list things that she plans to take along with her to Greece, from A to Z. It’s modeled after that car game, “I packed my bags to go to Paris and took along …”

We think you’ll enjoy Julie’s answers, and possibly get some inspiration and some tips from one of our favorite pros.

ASYM Ammo – This load features a 147gr. 9mm jacketed bullet with Starline brass and it is both accurate and reliable.

Backpack – This season I have been using the iShot backpack that has an awesome compartment on the bottom that’s just the right size to carry the ammunition I will need on the range each day.

Camera – Another must-have, especially for travel abroad, is my camera. I admit I am a bit trigger-happy with my camera and will probably shoot it more than my guns.

Dresses – OK, so I probably will bring a couple and even go shopping — if time permits. A girl has to have options! The awards ceremony is the chance for everyone to wash off the range dirt and dress up.

EHP earmuffs – I made a recent switch to EHP and love the battery life and sound quality of these muffs.

First aid kit – I have a small kit I travel with that has bandaids and medical tape just in case.

Gifts – Over the past few months I have been making bracelets for all the ladies on the US team to wear at the opening ceremonies. It’s an honor to be representing the USA with these incredible women.

Hats – I am a hat girl. I wear my Smith & Wesson hats to shoot in and my super cool orange Prois hat for when I am not shooting.

iPod Touch – Music, movies and the ability to take photos and video, this little iPod is always in my purse to both keep me entertained and to record great moments.

Jerseys – Another must have in my suitcase, my shooting jerseys by Gemini Sport Marketing with my major sponsors’ logos.

Kneepads – IPSC matches can be very physical. With the potential for kneeling positions on rough terrain, kneepads are something I make sure I pack in my shooting bag.

Locket – My husband gave me a locket a couple of years ago and I wear it every day. It has photos of him and my little one so that no matter where I am, I can open it up and see them.

M&P’s – Of course, I can’t leave the country without my trusty Smith & Wesson M&P 9Ls!

Notebook – I keep a small notebook in my shooting bag that has vital info to help me keep focused during long days at the range.

Open Mind & Good Attitude – Staying positive throughout the match is something I believe will be very important for me as an individual competitor and as a member of Team USA. I want to do my best, but I also want to enjoy the experience too.

Passport – This goes without saying, but I triple check to make sure I have my passport with me when traveling internationally.

Quick Reference Greek – I have a print out of some common airport terms and directional as well as helpful words in the event I get in a bind while I am in Greece.

Rudy Project Eye Protection – I will definitely be packing a set of clears and various tinted lenses for my comfy Rudy Ability frames.

Safariland Rig – I have my holster, pouches and belt all set but what I love about the ELS system from Safariland is that I can take off my pouches and holster so easily and pack them in a way that other heavier shooting gear in my luggage doesn’t crush them.

Team USA Hoodie – The ladies production team has a super cool custom hoodie from Gemini and Safariland. It features a logo we designed with the help of my brother, Bill Goloski. Fun fact – all the women on the production team are shooting Safariland!

USPSA Team Uniform – All members of the US team will be wearing the official team shirt during the opening ceremonies.

Video Camera – I hope to get as much footage as possible from the trip and Team USA.

Warren Tactical Sights – The only thing I have changed on my stock M&P’s are my tried and true Warrens.

Xtra Copies – So that isn’t spelled right but you get the idea. There’s a significant amount paperwork between forms for US Customs and permits for firearms overseas but to be sure I am set wherever I am, I am packing plenty of extra copies of all my paperwork.

Yellow Highlighter – I keep one of these in my travel bag. I make lots of lists and I find that my Highlighter helps me easily identify things I need to get or buy, especially when on the road.

Zzz’s – I can’t necessarily pack them but I will be getting shuteye every chance I get to make sure I am acclimated and well rested for when the competition begins.

Watch for updates at Julie Golob’s Facebook Fan Page.


  • About Julie Golob

    Julie Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world and captain of Team Smith & Wesson. She has won more than 120 championship titles in international, national and regional marksmanship competitions in seven different shooting disciplines. Learn more about the champion, author, veteran, hunter and outdoor television personality at JulieGolob.com.


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  • Surveyor Seven says: September 30, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Julie, Love your list!, you are always “so together”, the only thing I wouldn’t have taken off of your list is the dress, you I think we can under stand why I would have swapped the dress for a pair of clean Levi’s, tahnks for sharing