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Kids Gone Hunting online now

KGH InSights, a publication of The Kids Gone Hunting Foundation, is now available to read online at www.kidsgonehunting.com. The magazine-like format is geared toward kids age 7 to 17.


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Image courtesy of Kids Gone Hunting.

“In this first edition you will find stories written by kids, such as Alli Armstrong’s “Kid’s Eye View of Hunting” and Sydney Simmering’s “Campfire Tales.” Regular columns include, Great Game, Details of the Hunt, Gear Up, On Location, Notables and Quotables, Adventure Albums and KGH Team Profiles,” said Terry Horton, President. “Special Features provide updates on what’s going on with the Kids Gone Hunting Team.”


Alli and Adriana Armstrong, two sisters from Illinois, love hunting with their parents. Photo courtesy of Kids Gone Hunting.

“We appreciate all the sponsors who help make it possible for us to continue our outreach efforts to kids about the positive aspects of hunting,” said Executive Director Brenda Potts. “New editions of KGH InSights will be released on a quarterly basis and available for viewing online under the NEWS icon.”

Kids Gone Hunting Foundation creates DVDs of all-kids hunting, hosted by kids and distributed free to kids. Sign up to receive notices of each new posting at info@kidsgonehunting.com.

Media Contact: Brenda Potts brendapotts@hughes.net

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