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Babbs in the Woods: Here camos the bride …

Our pal Sherri Russell, over at She’s So Fly, clued us in to the camo-ization of formal wear a little while ago. In fact, she not only sent us some photos of herself modeling formal wear in camo, she put us in touch with Sheryl Miller of Miller Bridal and Sewing in Fremont, Mich.

Sheryl has been in the bridal business for 30 years. (That’s a lot of bridezillas.) We sent her a little set of Qs to answer … because, we just had to know.

Sherri Russell in a fashion show that featured Sheryl Miller's creations. Submitted photo.

The WON: What’s the popularity range in camo formal wear?

SM: We started doing camo formal wear for prom about six years ago and it has moved to the bridal and bridesmaid attire in the last three-to-four years.

The WON: Are the women who want to wear this type of pattern outdoorswomen? Or is it a trend?

SM: Some of both, some are hunters themselves and some have boyfriends or fiancés who are hunters. Some want something unusual and different. The winter fall satin camo makes a beautiful gown for brides and we also do a winter fall pink satin for maids. Mossy oak is also a popular choice for wedding and prom gowns. Sometimes we make sashes or trains from camo to trim more traditional wedding and maids’ dresses.

sherri russell in camo.jpg

Sherri Russell models a winter white, Mossy Oak wedding dress by Sheryl Miler Bridal. Submitted photo.

The WON: What type of formal wear in camo is most popular?

SM: Men’s tuxedo vests in both Mossy Oak and winter fall are the most popular items, but we do at least four or five camo weddings a season. We have made Mossy Oak flower girl dresses as well. Brides do wear camo. This past wedding season we made six bridal gowns, four prom dresses, trimmed at least 24 maids’ dresses, and two flower girls’ dresses.

The WON: What do these brides choose for veils, etc.?

SM: We make veils trimmed with satin camo ribbon … and feathers are big.  Pheasant feathers can make a fantastic looking headpiece for a Mossy Oak gown.  Tiaras are also another choice that is popular.

The WON: The cost?

SM: Cost of custom-made camo prom starts at around $300 and camo bridal gowns start at around $700.00.  So, it is comparable to traditional bridal wear and can be a little less expensive because custom made dresses require no alterations.

Visit Miller Bridal and Sewing to check out the lovely creations there. And thanks, Sheryl. We should have asked … are brides who choose camo a little less stressed than the others?

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The Conversation

  • JoAnne Schnepp says: January 23, 2012 at 1:43 am

    Heck, our website/homebusiness sold over 600 dresses and gowns in mossy oak and other satin camo patterns last year alone. We introduced camo formal attire to the internet about 6 years ago when one bride from Texas requested that we add some mossy oak camo to her traditional wedding gown. I put the picture on my website….and….as they say….the rest is history!! Now there are 4-5 places around the USA selling camo formal attire….and it all started with A TOUCH OF CAMO in Lakeside, Arizona!! “This ain’t your Daddy’s CAMO!!'” Now with us you can even custom design your own gown, made in your own measurements and have it all beaded with lace and sequins looking just like a traditional wedding gown, but only with A TOUCH OF CAMO on it!!

  • Tammy says: November 9, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    I am loving that formal wear! Very gorgeous! (As I’m sitting here in my camo jams typing). Wow, she really does some beautiful work!! Thanks, Paige, too for remembering the song. You two always make me smile.