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F+W Media seeks Digital Media Producer/Editor for TV production

F+W Media is looking for a Digital Media Producer/Editor for its television production dept. This person must demonstrate a high level of commitment and enthusiasm, have excellent oral and written communications skills, and be able to work independently or as a team member.

Responsibilities: The Digital Media Producer /Editor will provide creative and technical service in the production and post-production of outdoor programs to unique Broadcast shows on multiple networks. This person maintains a thorough working knowledge of video production, trends, new media, equipment and software. Troubleshooting equipment in the field may be necessary to complete projects. This person contributes to the overall operation of the video production department.

This person expands personal, departmental and corporate knowledge of new media and technology. This person will also perform other related assignments as requested and be available for emergency situations. Extensive seasonal travel throughout North America will be required for this position.

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