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Gear Court: Shelley Rae never leaves home without her Surefire LX2 LumaMax®

Every woman ages 8 to 98 should have a flashlight with her at all times. It’s a matter of safety, comfort and convenience. Whether you’re trying to find a nice tree in the woods late at night or searching for your bracelet on the bar floor, a little light can save you endless amounts of trouble.

Having a flashlight is also a matter of living safely. Flashlights are good to have in dark parking lots, when trying to unlock the front door or when digging through your purse. They can surprise and disorient an attacker or act as a makeshift weapon in a time of need.

Thanks to her LumaMax, Shelley Rae is never in the dark. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Pagan.

Carrying a flashlight is not as difficult as carrying a gun can be. There are no complicated permits and it’s simple enough to slip one into a pocket in your purse or get a cheap holster to put it on your belt.


This LX2 was illuminated by an LX2. How's that for a product review? Photo courtesy of Jeremy Pagan.

For the past eight months I’ve been carrying a Surefire LX2 LumaMax® with me everywhere I go. The 5.4-inch, 4.2-ounce flashlight has never been a burden and fits easily into the side pocket of my purse. The size and weight also make this flashlight ideal for camping and backpacking, as it can easily be slipped into a pocket, backpack, fanny pack, saddle bag or belt holster.

Not only is the little flashlight light in weight, it’s resilient. I’ve dropped it on cement running leagues, dropped it in mudpuddles running matches and rolled it in the dirt practicing rifle positions.

The LX2 shines up to 200 lumens; that’s 10 times the light of a normal D-cell flashlight, and also comes with a 15-lumen low output setting that is great for a quick glance at something, reading a book or any other situation where 200 lumens really is too many.  With both a push-button on, perfect for momentary light, and a constant-on that can be achieved by spinning the back of the flashlight the controls are easy to manipulate and provide for a variety of circumstances.


I wouldn’t go anywhere without a flashlight, and I wouldn’t choose any flashlight over my SureFire LX2. Easy to use, light and durable it provides me with the light I need in any situation.

Visit Shelley Rae online at her website.

Check out the LX2 LumaMax. MSRP: $210.

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer may have been compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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