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Marti Davis Afield: End-of-season must-haves (If you didn’t get these for Christmas, buy ’em!)

This past fall, I put several new products to the test out afield.  And as far as I’m concerned, they passed with flying colors!

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season winding down, not to mention the fall hunting seasons almost over …  I figured now would be a good time to share these products with you all. Surely, you have some of those Christmas gift cards — or even cash — and you’re wondering what new outdoor items you need to buy with them.

So here are three suggestions from me.

Revision Sawfly Eyewear System

revision 2_Marti davis.jpg

Marti Davis loves her new Revisions.

Back during dove season I was hunting with my good friend Barb. She noticed how much I was struggling to simply change out the lenses on my shooting glasses.  Barb recommended I check out the Revision eyewear systems.

revision 1.jpg

Revision's Sawfly system. Works for her!

I have been using their Sawfly system this fall and I love them!  They are comfortable, provide superior ballistic protection and it is very easy to change out the lenses. The comfort nosepiece is attached to each optical grade polycarbonate lens, making for a quick and easy one-piece switch,, depending on the various lighting conditions and your target environment.

The system comes in two sizes with adjustable arms to ensure the proper fit and distortion free optics.  They are also prescription ready with the optional Rx inserts.

As far as the safety features these exceed both ANSI Z87.1-2010 and military ballistic impact requirements.

Summit Treestands 

I also got to put the Summit Single Shot Magnum ladder stand and the Summit Razor SD climbing stand to the test this fall.  These stands are comfortable, durable and safe.

summit 2nd man.jpg

Summit Single Shot Magnum Ladder Stand with Marti Davis.

The assembly of the ladder stand was fairly simple with the included instructions.  The climbing stand was hunt ready after installing the cables that go around the tree.  The Razor is probably Summit’s most versatile climber.  The pivoting front climbing bar gives you the convenience of a sit down climber and an open front for bow hunting.

The Single Shot Magnum offers 50 percent more room than their Single Shot ladder stand.  So if you want a little more room, or need a stand with a little higher weight capacity, this stand will fill those needs.

Ladderstand 2nd Man 

This handy tool not only makes it easier to put up your ladder stands, it also makes it safer.  The 2nd Man unit allows one person to install a ladder stand.  It comes with a 600# rated winch and winch strap, which you attach to the tree with the ratchet strap.  You then insert the ground swivel pegs in the legs of the stand.  After anchoring the pegs in the ground you attach the winch strap to the upper section of your stand.  Then you simply crank the winch to raid the stand up against your tree.  At this point, your stand is against the tree and ready to be secured for hunting.

2nd man 2.jpg

Ladderstand 2nd Man works for her!

You can go to the 30-06 Outdoors website to watch a video of just how safe and easy this makes putting your ladder stands.  I know it’s last minute notice, but, if you act fast and order the 2nd Man by December 31, 2011, you’re eligible for a free product upgrade and a free gift from 30-06 Outdoors.

  • About Marti Davis

    Marti Davis is a staff member for Browning Trail Cameras, WoolX and Mossy Oak. She is an authority on most types of hunting in North America, and very active in mentoring the next generation of young hunters.


The Conversation

  • Marti Davis says: January 7, 2012 at 7:59 am

    The 2nd Man made putting up stands so much easier this past season!

  • Tammy says: January 5, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Marti, yippie, I love the concept of the Ladderstand 2nd Man. That looks like a perfect answer to a normally tough situation trying to wrestle those ladderstands around. Thanks for the info!!