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Próis elevates performance for extreme female hunters with new-for-2012 Elevation jacket

Elite female hunters looking for the best in technical apparel need to search no further than the new Elevation™ Jacket from Próis® Hunting & Field Apparel.  Part of Próis’ Elevation Series layering system, this high-performance jacket is the pinnacle in comfort and concealment, employing the most hardcore features that promise to perform on the most extreme hunts.

Katherine Grand in an Elevation jacket. Photo courtesy of Prois Hunting Apparel

The new Próis Elevation Jacket is constructed from breathable, waterproof laminate fabric with waterproof zippers that snap down for complete silence — ensuring the most extreme huntress can perform at her best no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.  Próis’ signature nylon tricot lining and incorporated thumbholes make the jacket perfect for layering. In fact, this high-performance jacket works beautifully as a system with its brethren Elevation Series pieces.  Starting with the Elevation Base Layer Shirt, designed for wicking and keeping you dry, followed by the lightweight, sleek and athletic Elevation Vest for insulation.  Rounding out the system is the Elevation Jacket for complete protection against the elements.  This complete layering system allows hunters to easily add layers as the weather takes a turn, or remove pieces as the hunt heats up.  It’s all part of Próis’ technical design, which helps optimize movement and keep you comfortable and ready to take on any goats, Alpine sheep or rugged big game that cross your path.

From the fitted, female cut to the rugged construction and features, every detail of the new
Próis Elevation Jacket is designed specifically for the hardcore female hunter.  The jacket also features deep-set hand pockets, which are great for housing activated hand-warmers and freezing fingers.  An integrated arm pocket is an ideal stow-away for valuables such as ID cards or hunting licenses.

For ultimate concealment, the new Próis Elevation Jacket features the Mothwing Mountain Mimicry® camo pattern which is based on the unique designs of the Lepidoptera Noctuidae moth and blends naturally into any environment. The jacket is available in sizes XS thru XL and like all Próis Hunting and Field Apparel, it’s proudly made in the U.S.A.

For more information about the new Próis Elevation Jacket, or to learn more about
Próisʼ innovative line of serious, high-performance huntwear for real women,contact:
Próis Hunting and Field Apparel, 28001-B US Highway 50, Gunnison, CO 81230 ·
(970) 641-3355 · Or visit www.próishunting.com. To check out the latest updates
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