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Watch the biathlete Barnes’ sisters in Europe: Lanny to compete in World Cup and Tracy to European Cup

OSTERSUND, SWEDEN — We left Colorado and lots of snow several weeks ago to head to the pre-World Cup training camp in Ostersund, Sweden. Once we arrived we found warm weather and the only snow we found was from what they had stored over the summer. A mountain of snow was stored in the woods right next to the ski tracks and covered with sawdust and a big tarp for just such an occasion when warm weather and lack of natural or the ability to make snow isn’t available. The Biathlon World Cups are such a huge financial motivator that the venues will go to lengths to secure good conditions and a quality event.

We trained for a week-and-a-half on the manmade loops before our first test, which was an Europa cup. While we had mild temps all week, winter ran right into us a few hours before the star of the race. With driving winds and blowing snow, we fought some 100 women from all over the world to secure a spot on the World Cup. Lanny secured a spot and Tracy who had really bad luck with gale force winds picking up when she entered the range, just missed out making the World Cup. She competes in one more European cup in Italy next week and should hopefully be back on the World Cup circuit before Christmas.

Lanny stayed in Ostersund, Sweden, and competed in the first World Cup. She had a start to a great race in the individual, but the wind got the best of her and she missed 5 targets out of 20 to finish 48th place out of 98 women competing. If she would’ve been clean (hitting 20 of 20) than she would have made the coveted top 10.

Now Lanny heads to Hochfilzen, Austria, for some more World Cup action and Tracy heads to Ridnaun, Italy where she became the first women in the US to medal in the World Jr. Championships. There she hopes to take home an European Cup medal and secure a spot on the World Cup circuit.

Lanny Barnes_winter 2011.jpg

Lanny Barnes racing in the World Cup in Sweden. Photo by Sam Merrins.

You can watch the races live on the Internet:



Here is the schedule of races coming up this week.

World Cup

Date Start time Distance Discipline

12/09 6:30am MST, 8:30EST 7.5 km Sprint Women

12/10 6:00amMST, 8:00EST. 10 km Pursuit Women

12/11 6:30 amMST, 8:00EST. 4×6 km Relay Women

Europa Cup

Date Start time Distance Discipline Kategorie

12/10. 2:00am MST, 10:00 am European 15 km Individual Women

12/11 2:00am MST. 7.5 km Sprint Women

~Lanny & Tracy Barnes


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