WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Look to Orvis for ‘Great Interviews with Fly-Fishing Women’

We’ve always liked Orvis for its products, and now, we like it even more … for publishing a “Women in Fly Fishing” category at its popular website. Phil Monahan recently posted an article that takes readers to podcasts so that they can listen to interviews with some of the best female fly-fishers out there: Lori-Ann Murphy, Cathy Beck, Rachel Finn, Patricia Edel and April Vokey. Podcasts are so easy to download to your iTunes and listen to later — in the car, on a walk, while doing mundane chores. Or, hey, just sip a cuppa and enjoy the visuals that you’ll get just thinking about these women and where they are fishing! Because, after all … fly fishing will take you to some of the most gorgeous places on earth. Check out the special category for women at Orvis.

Lori-Ann Murphy with a Belize tarpon. Photo courtesy of Lori-Ann Murphy

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