WON Landing Page OCT 2022

A scarf-warming story

We just love to read stories like this one, by Jess Baker, weather.com, that features an 82-year-old woman who knitted 250 blue and white scarves for the upcoming Super Bowl in Indianapolis — especially for the volunteers to wear in Super Bowl Village. Bev Meska started crocheting the scarves after her daughter told her about the Super Scarves campaign, an effort by the Super Bowl Host Committee to outfit all 8,000 volunteers — especially since they’ll be outside in the winter. The only stipulation for the campaign was that the scarves had to be blue and white, in honor or the Indianapolis Colts’ NFL team.

Meska wasn’t the only person to contribute, though. Scarves came from 45 states, Belgium, Canada, South AFrica and the United Kingdom. Rick Callahan, with the Associated Press, wrote about the effort and also featured Meska.

Check out some of the super scarves here. And wasn’t that a heart-warming scarf story?

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