WON Landing Page OCT 2022

‘A Girl and a Gun’ goes national

Kudos to Julianna Crowder and the organization she started in Austin, Texas, a year ago — A Girl and A Gun Shooting League. A newscast from Austin, Texas, lauded the group’s efforts to reach out to women about firearms. In a related article at the site, Julianna said, “The buzz nationwide is women are contributing to this huge sale burst with firearms. Now it comes down to the education and really making sure they’re buying the right things for the right reasons and getting the right kind of training. Ultimately we’d love to see women out in the shooting sports.”

A Girl and A Gun is ready to branch out and will be launching new chapters across the country. With more than 350 members in Texas, the group’s home base is strong and ready to support additions. Learn more about A Girl and A Gun’s Shooting League.

Just one of the get-togethers that gets serious on the line. Photo courtesy of A Girl and A Gun Shooting League

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