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Get a Jana Waller ‘Skull Bound’ tee shirt at HuntinSupply.com

Jana Waller models a tee shirt that features the Skull Bound logo. Photo courtesy of Jana Waller

I just wanted to shout out to all of you and say THANK YOU for your tremendous support of Skull Bound. It’s been a tough, challenging road and being away from my family and friends has been difficult, but the hard work is starting to pay off. We’ve partnered with Kraig Storbeck of HuntinSupply.com, who is now taking over manufacturing and distribution of all Skull Bound apparel and products. He’s going to be getting the brand into some of the box stores, which is really exciting!

We’ve come out with some great new designs that are only $14.95! If you’re interested, you can order here online. If you want to learn more about Jana Waller, check out one of our many articles on her.

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