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Angler Ashley Rae graces cover of Hobie catalog


Photo courtesy of Hobie

She wrote, “I screamed like a girl when I saw this! The 2013 Hobie Parts & Accessories catalog!” Ashley Rae is on the Hobie fishing team and graces the cover of one of its catalogs. She fishes in the Hobie Outback model of kayak, and said, “I actually had the Outback in mind for a year, and knew it was what exactly I wanted to get. For me it makes the most sense to be hands free for fishing, and kayaking gives me the ability to travel and fish new places without the expense of owning a boat. It’s such a stealth approach for fishing and an incredible way to spend the day on the water! I also enjoy the workout and how ‘green’ kayaking is.”

Visit Ashley at her website, She Loves to Fish, to learn more about her adventures on the water.

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