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Call for ‘Casting for Recovery’ donations for Holiday Auction

Casting for Recovery conducts a national online auction twice a year to help raise funds for our quality-of- life retreat program. We’re just completing our 2012 season, having conducted 44 retreats in 32 states, and have gotten scores of notes from participants like this one: “This retreat changed my life … you helped me find strength & courage. Thank you!”

You can help us fund the mission by donating an item to our 4th Annual Holiday Auction. 

women in stream_casting for recovery

Photo courtesy of Casting for Recovery

Our enthusiastic national audience for the auctions numbers nearly 10,000 viewers and we can offer great visibility and exposure for those who donate…and you’ll be helping a good cause. The auction will run from November 26-December 5, just in time for holiday gift-giving.

Items in our previous auctions have ranged from a vacation week at a house in the Bahamas, an Alaskan fishing trip, handcrafted jewelry, distinctive pottery, custom-made fly rods, books and videos, fishing gear, one-of-a-kind artworks, rare books, and many other gift-worthy offerings. If you have an item you’d like to consider donating, please email Wendy Gawlik.

For additional exposure and prominent logo placement/hyperlinks on our Auction Home Page and E-mails, you might also want to consider becoming a Sponsor of the Holiday 2012 Auction.

Please contact Kate Fox for more information on this opportunity. Visit Casting for Recovery.

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