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Madonna – ‘like a virgin’ when it comes to gun safety

Babbs in the Woods

Hey Madonna, stop being “like a virgin” when it comes to gun handling! Since you’re a “material girl,” let’s get this whole how-to-handle a gun down, shall we?

Talk about a midlife crisis. Have you been following Madonna’s trial and errors lately? Let’s see, first she pranced around with a fake gun and put it to her head, then she bared a nipple in Turkey and just last week, she pointed a fake gun at an audience in Denver. Talk about class. Talk about timing. Talk about not understanding the basics of firearms safety. Even though the song she sang was titled “Gang bang,” just “stop, stop” the silliness, Woman.

As an NRA handgun instructor, I’m going to offer Madonna – who is my age – a free First Steps class. Just come to either range where I instruct, M, and we’ll take about four hours and get you handling those guns safely.

What’s the big deal really?

Why does she do it?

“Oh, but Babbs, it’s only a toy gun. So what?” 

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It’s the principle here. You don’t point a fake gun or  a real gun at someone, folks (unless you intend to pull the real trigger with a real load in the chamber and you are carrying a CCW permit or in law enforcement and the list goes on … and you mean it). You don’t go to a state where there has been one abhorrent gun crime after another and point a gun at its citizens.

You don’t point a gun at your head. Even a fake one, without people getting a little rocked back.

Is it all for sensationalism?

I see it as a desperate cry from a middle-aged woman who oughta know better.

That’s why I’m offering her a free class. One-on-one. Call me.

If you’d like to take a First Steps Class in Missouri, just get in touch with me at Barbara at womensoutdoornews.com.


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