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Michelle Viscusi joins Team Glock

Glock USA is introducing Michelle Viscusi as the newest addition to Team Glock, the handgun manufacturer’s practical pistol shooting team. Viscusi gained notoriety as a contestant on History Channel’s TOP SHOT season 4 and is currently an E4 in the Arizona National Guard. She joins Team Glock competitors KC Eusebio and Tori Nonaka.


Photo courtesy of History Channel

Along with other female shooters from around the world, Glock evaluated Viscusi during the 2012 summer as they sought to rebuild their shooting team after the departure of Randy Rogers earlier this year.

The 22-year-old will have served three years with the Arizona National Guard come January 2013 and is an E4 31B Military Police Officer with the 856th Military Police Company.

“The most I’d ever trained with a firearm was going through basic. I really enjoyed shooting the M4 and once I got out of basic I started shooting for fun.” That’s when she decided to apply to Top Shot.

She got the casting call while in the middle of a year-and-a-half deployment in support of Operation Copper Cactus. She was working as part of a Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force run out of Fort Huachuca. Viscusi’s role was to observe and report activity along the Arizona-Mexico border.

She ended up taking 10 days of leave for the television show in August 2011. She says her involvement in Top Shot was an exciting experience at the time but it didn’t strike her as an entry point to a career in competitive shooting until she had some time away from it. At the time, she viewed the exposure as a great way to start the modeling career she’s had her sights on since she was a teenager.

“I didn’t care to get involved in competition shooting,” she explains, “I was more interested in becoming a model in the firearms industry.” She ended up getting a modeling job with Red Star Arms and appeared in Maxim magazine after Top Shot. Her modeling career was beginning.

Read the full article at Military Times.

Courtesy of Girl’s Guide to Guns.

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