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Victory Archery VForce in pink fights breast cancer and helps families all year long

Yep. It’s October and we’re inundated with pink this and pink that. We like great quality items and Victory Archery designed a VForce carbon arrow in pink that even the guys like to buy and use.  Says Jeff Ray, co-owner of HERCAMOSHOP.COM, “Guys come up to our booth at trade shows and ask to buy these pink arrows, because they want to support the Pink Arrow Project and because they have loved ones who have breast cancer.”

Pink Arrow Project

Said the founder of The Pink Arrow Project, Mary J. Hale, “The Pink Arrow Project is not about me, it is about Archers Helping Archers. Like everyone else that has cancer or has had a loved one with cancer, there is always a story.” Not only does Hale’s project donate proceeds of sales from the pink arrows to breast cancer research, it also helps families with loved ones affected by breast cancer.

Pink Arrow Project flyer

Learn more about the Pink Arrow Project.

Learn more about the VForce in pink at HERCAMOSHOP.COM.

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