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HERCAMOSHOP.com slings Victory Archery Pink Arrows at breast cancer research funding

Victory VForce Pink Arrows Sling Funding at Breast Cancer Research 

Indianapolis, IN – Nov. 6, 2012 – HERCAMOSHOP.com believes that fighting breast cancer is a 24/7, 365-day job and offers a line of Victory VForce Pink arrows and XBolts all year, with proceeds going to fight this disease. Owned by a woman, Shelly Ray, the online hunting store only chooses the best quality apparel and gear for huntresses.

Victory Pink arrows are fundraisers for The Pink Arrow Project, a non-profit organization that donates money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Crafted from premium carbon composite materials, Pink arrows feature tight tolerances in weight, spine deflection and straightness. These arrows are available in .0350 .400, .500 and .600 spines. Bohning Archery teamed with Victory Archery and added white double-lock blazer nocks and vanes in hot pink and white.

HERCAMOSHOP’S pro-staff member Trisha Bowen is on Victory Archery’s pro-staff. She tells the story of how she came to use the arrows before joining Victory’s team. Bowen had been shooting a bow for more than 20 years, and had not paid much attention to the arrows until she met the sales manager for Victory Archery. She said, “He offered to send me some arrows. They were the Pink arrows, and me being the very un-girly girl that I am, I was a bit skeptical. The arrows arrived and I put them to the test at an indoor 3-D range. I was immediately impressed! I had tighter groups than I ever had before and scored my highest score ever at the range.”

She added, “Not only did these arrow perform, they also help a cause that I am happy to get behind.”


Trisha Bowen_Victory Archery arrows

Photo courtesy of Trisha Bowen

Soon after that experience, Bowen started raving to everyone who bowhunts about the arrows, and Victory offered an opportunity for her to represent the company. Bowen said, “If a company is willing to give profits away to help others in need, then I will do what ever I can to help that company. Besides, they have a great product, so I couldn’t go wrong.”

“V-Forces are a standard-size hunting arrow with the tightest tolerances in the industry. Victory uses only the highest-grade carbon composite fibers available and controls the process of rolling the carbon from start to finish. These arrows are not just average arrows painted pink,” added Bowen.

Junior pro staffer Alex shoots pink arrows from Victory

Junior pro staffer Alex, who also likes to sling the pinks downrange.

A Pink Arrow in every quiver 

When Bowen mixes it up in her quiver, shooting some of Victory Archery’s other lines, she still carries one Pink arrow. She said, “When I go to the range, people ask why I have one odd arrow in my quiver, which allows me to tell them about the great things Victory is doing and how they can help by doing the same. We are aiming for one in every quiver.”

HERCAMOSHOP’s Jeff Ray said the arrow is very popular with men at trade and consumer shows because they want to show support for women in their lives who have been affected by breast cancer. The arrow also comes in youth sizes.

Added Bowen, “Many men I have showed them to, and the ones who use them, say these arrows are easy to find in the woods.” To which she answers, “Well, that’s if you miss, Boys!”


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