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Sydney Surgi wins 1st in World Action Pistol Junior Centerfire Speed Event

Carl Junction, MO—(November 13, 2012) — As part of the NRA selected American team for the World Action Pistol Championships (WAPC), members of the Secure Firearm Products (SFP) group, recently took many of the top shooting competition awards after competing in the 8th annual WAPC in Phillipsburg, Germany.

SFP, manufacturers of high quality firearm cases and rifle/pistol target systems, supported three team members in this prestigious international shooting event, which draws over 300 competitive pistol shooters from around the world, including a total of 20 on the American team.  SFP members of the American team included: Doug Carden, Sydney Surgi and Louis Surgi.

Doug Carden, a full-time Police Officer and owner of DC Ammo, took:

Third Place Expert Metallic Sight
3rd Place Metallic Sight Barricade Event
3rd Place Metallic Sight Plate Event
2nd Place US Team Metallic Sight team with Troy Mattheyer

Carden ended up placing 6th in the world overall.

Secure Firearm Products shooting team

Team Secure Firearm Products includes Doug Carden, Sydney Surgi and Louis Surgi. Photo courtesy of Tammy Surgi

Sydney Surgi started shooting Action Pistol competitions at 16 years of age. Now at age 21, and in her first ever WPAC competition, she placed:

2nd place Junior Centerfire Champion
1st Place Junior Centerfire Speed Event
2nd Place Open Sharpshooter Practical Event
2nd Place Open Sharpshooter Barricade Event
3rd Place Open Sharpshooter overall

Sydney Surgi overcame serious technical issues and had ammunition problems She could not have completed the championship, if it had not been for the good graces of fellow shooter, Kim Beckwith, who loaned her a pistol and all the ammo she needed!

Louis Surgi, at 16 years of age, was the only American Junior Team member competing in the
WAPC. He won the World Action Pistol Junior Rimfire Championship with a score of 1911 out of a possible/perfect score of 1920. Surgi shot a customized .22 caliber Ruger pistol with a Volquartsen barrel and trigger, which was topped of with an Aimpoint H-1 micro sight.

Traveling with firearms around the country, or internationally can always present “special challenges,” but all traveled extremely well in the gun cases from Secure Firearm Products on their journey from Missouri to Germany and back.

“TSA and all the international custom inspectors were extremely impressed with the SFP cases,” says Tammy Surgi of SFP. “No one but us had access to our firearms during the entire trip. We had more trouble with locks on suitcases that were supposed to be TSA approved!”

For further information, contact:
Tammy Surgi
Secure Firearm Products (SFP)
Website: http://www.securefirearmproducts.com/
E-mail: sfp@securefirearmproducts.com


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