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Mia and the Little Gal: Looking back and looking ahead, too

It’s all about networking. We tell you what we’re doing; you tell us what you’ve done outdoors; we share the experiences and we all learn and laugh and live vicariously through each other here at Women’s Outdoor News. Mia Anstine has been penning a popular blog about raising her daughter, whom she calls Little Gal (even though Little Gal is now taller than her mama), for a couple of years now. We’ve seen them hunting, shooting, fishing, going to the fair where the Little Gal was crowned princess, and in so many other situations. We don’t know anyone who writes better in the business about what it’s like to raise a child who loves the outdoors than Mia Anstine — a role model and a marvelous mama all rolled into one person.

MIa and Little Gal

Mia Anstine and the “Little Gal.” Photo by Hank Anstine.

Mia took a look back at the year and the memories that she and the Little Gal made and saved in blogposts. And know that Little Gal is an integral part of the process. She helps craft a lot of the stories and provides valuable input. We look to someday featuring her adventures — when she goes solo.

Little gal and Mia_gulf_featured

The Little Gal and Mia Anstine split their time between hunting and fishing. Photo by Hank Anstine.

In the meantime, check out Mia’s recollections over at her blog, My Many Outdoor Adventures. 

Mia Anstine and daughter elk hunting

Mother-daughter time is always precious. Photo courtesy of Mia Anstine

Thanks, Mia.

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