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HERCAMOSHOP says ‘Sock it to me, baby’ with Wigwam Outlast Weathershield crew-length sock

Wigwam Outlast Weathershield crew-length sockHERCAMOSHOP.COM cares about your feet. That’s why CEO Shelly Ray has chosen a line of outdoor socks that truly fits a woman’s foot and provides support and comfort all day long on that hike or hunt. Take, for example, the Wigwam Outlast Weathershield crew-length sock, with Merino wool softness and a cushiony sole. These socks won’t fall down, either, because they feature a True fit leg and top. Then, they get all technical, and offer an Outlast® fiber to balance the temperature of your feet. They work.

Babbs has been wearing these socks for more than a year now — with multiple washings, of course — and loves them. And, Babbs … she’s a sock snob. Fits womens’ sizes: 5-11, in black. On sale now for $7.98 per pair. Go, get yourself a pair or two.

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