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Five products to keep ticks ‘ticked off’ this turkey season

Shelly Ray, proprietor of hercamoshop.com, gives us her recommendation for how to tick off pesky ticks while turkey hunting, and also reduce the heebie-jeebies.

I hate ticks! I’m traumatized after last turkey season in Indiana. While sitting in my blind next to Lori Smith, pro staffer for HERCAMOSHOP, who was filming my hunt, I couldn’t believe the number of ticks crawling all over me. It started out slow, but by the end there were roughly 40 of them. Now, I was a beautician for more than 25 years, and I’ve seen my share of lice, but I personally think ticks are just as gross, maybe even worse. I can handle snakes, mice, rats, etc., But NOT ticks! After that tick-filled day in the woods, I had nightmares for a couple of weeks. Not this year though. This year, I am going to be decked out from head-to-toe in Elimitick from Gamehide.

Girls on the Prowl: L-R, Stacy Young, Shelly Ray, Lori Smith and Sarah Terril.

ELIMITICK is made of “Hush Hide” — soft, silent fabric that is also treated to repels ticks. Even after 75 washings, it’s still 99 percent effective. Although they don’t make ladies’ sizes, the jacket and pants are a cover up (loose fit,) so the boys’ and men’s sizes are going to work for ladies, too. The extra large in boys is equivalent to a small in ladies. The medium in men’s would be roughly equivalent to a ladies medium/large. They also offer socksgloves and a face mask.
Jacket $49.99
Pants $39.99
Socks $15.99
Gloves $17.99
Face mask $19.99

Shelly Ray sports her Elimitick gear. Photo courtesy of Jeff Ray

Shelly Ray sports her Elimitick gear. Photo courtesy of Jeff Ray

HERCAMOSHOP also offers scent-free BUGGSPRAY. I have been in swarms of mosquitos while turkey hunting. I was sure they were going to pick me up and carry me away. BUGGSPRAY repels Mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, gnats, biting flies and fleas.
HERCAMOSHOP price: $6.99

Not only do I hate ticks, I also HATE to hunt in the rain. That’s why we carry the HUNT-DRI scent-free waterproofing spray. I’ve  treated my apparel and backpack with Hunt-Dri, so I don’t end up a soggy mess by the end of rainy days. You can also treat gun cases, tents, hats, boots, socks, gloves, tree stand camo and almost all of your hunting accessories.
HERCAMOSHOP price: $10.99

The BURZ OFF burr removal aid is probably the simplest of items, but boy does it ever save you time. You can take the BURZ OFF and swipe it down your clothes and the burs come right off. Be sure to use it outside; it will make a mess if the burrs come off onto your living room carpet!
HERCAMOSHOP price: $9.99

Last, but not least, I never go into the woods without my CYCLOPS battery charger. I can recharge my cell phone two or three times per day with it. I always like to have a charged phone so that if something were to happen while I was out in the field, I could call for help. Of course, a few games of angry birds while I am waiting on the turkeys sure doesn’t hurt either.
HERCAMOSHOP sale price: $69.99


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    These products are great! The equipment is not only efficient, but it also has a nice model that ensure an easy camouflage in the woods. It’s very interesting, thank you.