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Hot Caliber Huntress: Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff competes and excels easily in five different shooting disciplines, and holds world and national championship titles – including the prestigious Bianchi Cup and the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. With sponsors including Taurus, Leupold, Team Hornady, Benelli, Safariland, Tru Recoil, GT Target Stands and Atlanta Arms & Ammo, her obligations and duties are many when she’s not training and shooting matches worldwide.


Photo courtesy of Taurus

Add to that the fact that she also is the captain of the Taurus Shooting Team, coupled with time on the road as host of the popular Outdoor Channel television show “Friends of NRA,” (FNRA). Jessie travels the country with the  co-host of the show, who happens to be her husband, Matt Duff.


Jessie and Matt Duff. Photo courtesy of NRA Blog

The duo loves to hunt together, on and off camera. So, it’s only fitting that Jessie is named as the next Women’s Outdoor News’ Hot Caliber Huntress. In honor of Jessie and her newfound love of bow hunting, Manos Phoundoulakis, proprietor of Hot Caliber Jewelry, created a special line of the finely crafted, flattened bullet jewelry featuring a broadhead in her honor. Although we’re sure she’s a great shot with any firearm while hunting, we find it interesting that she loves the bow.

Find out more about Jessie Duff afield.

The WON: When did you start hunting and why?

Jessie: I started hunting when I was 16, and it was just something that my family participated in, and I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t know what I was missing until I joined them!

The WON:  What was special about a hunt that made you want to go again?

Jessie: I think one thing that sticks out in my mind most from early on, was just being able to enjoy natures beauty around me, and be a part of our Lord’s creation. I remember one morning; I was sitting in my stand as the woods around me began to come alive! I felt like I was witnessing something so beautiful, and peaceful, and just wanted to stay connected with that feeling! We are hunters by nature, leading back to Genesis in the Bible, so it’s only natural, for me, to want to have that connection.


Jessie and Matt, with her first bull elk, taken at NRA Whittington Center, Raton, N.M. Photo courtesy of Jessie Duff

The WON:  How do you guys decide where and what to hunt on Friends of NRA TV show?

Jessie: Depending on what time of year it is and where we will be in the country mostly determines what hunt we will go on … But, sometimes we have FNRA reps that say there is something specific to their area that would make for a memorable trip, and we can plan around that.

The WON:  If someone were to ask you what your favorite hunt has been so far, which one would it be?

Jessie: I would have to say my favorite hunt and most memorable, would be one of my hunts with Matthew, which was actually an episode for FNRA. We were in Brady, Texas, and we were planning for him rattle in a buck, and I would hunt with a handgun! I thought this would be a lot easier than it turned out, but it seemed like everything was against us. The weather wouldn’t cooperate, the clock was ticking on filming the show, we were both sick, and many other dilemmas arose with the challenge if using a handgun … But we both were determined to make that hunt a success and when we were least expecting it, we made it happen!


Matthew packing out Jessie’s bull elk at NRA Whittington Center. Photo courtesy of Jessie Duff

The WON:  Do you cook wild game?

Jessie: ABSOLUTELY! That’s one of the rewarding parts of hunting, and one of my favorites, is being able to enjoy your harvest. For me, it’s not about going out and just killing something. I enjoy the hunt leading up to the moment, but then being able to appreciate your harvest afterwards, and knowing that its providing for you in return, is just as meaningful.

The WON:  What’s on your wish list for hunting in say, the next two years?

Jessie: My hunting wish list consists of more bowhunting in general in the future! Bowhunting, to me, presents so many challenges that you have to rise up to, and for me, it’s so rewarding when everything does come together!

The WON:  Do you wear any apparel or accessories that reflect your love of hunting?

Jessie: Attire to make a statement that “I am a hunter!” I also like the ladies line of Major League Bowhunter, Realtree Girl and Under Armor, too.

The WON:  You and your husband, Matt, hunt together. Please describe what this means to you.

Jessie: This is something that we share together, that is a passion for each of us individually, but brings us together on another front as well. For me, it’s precious quality time together, where we can escape from the busy world we live in, and just enjoy one another’s company.  I believe it makes us stronger in our marriage and friendship to be able to share yet another part of our lives with the other!

For more information on Jessie Duff, visit www.JessieDuff.net or follow her on Facebook, and Twitter.

Hot Caliber Huntress is sponsored by Hot Caliber Jewelry.

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Hot Caliber Huntress bow series, “The Damsel Marksman,” $85. Photo courtesy of Manos Phoundoulakis


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  • Jeff Hayden says: March 21, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    I watched that Show where Jessie Got her first bull elk and top it off with Matt got a bull elk one of the best Hunting shows I have seen. Thanks Matt and Jessie for making it happen, and most of all, thank you for what you both do for Friends of the NRA.