Learn how to upgrade your turkey gun in time for the season

Our writers and editors contribute to many publications in print and online. Our publisher, Barbara Baird, writes the news blog over at Realtree.com, and she also writes features about hunting and shooting for that publication. She recently wrote a feature regarding how to upgrade a turkey shotgun, and turned to her good buddy, Steve Felgenhauer, a gunsmith at Browning and an outdoor writer, for advice.


Barb Baird and Shannon Coggin doubled on a pair of Rio gobblers in Oklahoma a few years ago. They shot Benelli Vincis with Burris sights. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Estes

From mounting new optics, to changing the choke, to firing that new wonder ammo — it’s in this article. All broken out into easy sections for you to follow.

See “Pimp Your Turkey Gun.”

Note: Baird is wearing Prois Pro-Edition camo.


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