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Meet Lenny, the Little Runt — TeamWON’s decoy for the turkey-hunting challenge

Team HCS has named their L.R. "Romeo," because all the hens are going to swoon over him.


All right, Ladies. You probably all know who I am … beings as I just appeared in this publication last week and a Lenny lookalike, aka another Little Runt, was gifted to one lucky reader of The Women’s Outdoor News in the contest to name me. Frankly, if truth be told, I always felt like a Lenny — those other names didn’t cut it for me. Rory is quite dignified and me, I’m a street fighter. The other name, Buster, I know someone who had a horse named that, and well, it ain’t me.

Next week, I’ll be called into action in the field, somewhere in the hills and hollers of the Ozarks of Missouri. I am supposed to do the dirty work for TeamWON, a group of three, no, now four women, who will be runnin’ and gunnin’ for a Tom. Because I’m so fit and really, quite Special Forces’ slim, it’ll be no problemo to slip me into a back pocket of a turkey vest and scram to the next location. I don’t need nothin’ but one stick up my middle and I’m set to go. You don’t need to set no feathers on me, and I ain’t into primpin.

So, before I introduce my team, I thought I’d give you a few pointers on turkey hunting. It’s my job to act as the decoy and bring in the big boys. My coloring on my head is the same as those big guys when they’re in the throes of the mating ritual. Yet, I am so fit and trim and with a Navy-SEAL aura about me, that any gobbler is going to want to battle me for the babes of the field. And I’m ready.

But, are the hens ready?

This is me in a video done by Wild Evolution, my birth parents in China. You’ll see what I mean about takin’ a lickin’ and keepin’ on tickin’, just like a Timex, but really, more like a Rolex.


So, word on the street is that the other Little Runt, Romeo, is going to give me a run for the gobbler when he’s up hunting with some ladies in Nebraska on Team HerCamoShop.com. Well, Romeo’s off to a bad start — already putting in a body double at a sport show last week in Wisconsin.

romeo little runt

This is Romeo’s body double. Photo courtesy of Hercamoshop.com

I’ll be checking back in here later, to fill you in on some tips about working with us decoys. We got needs.

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