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Trailblazer Adventure Program teams up with American Heritage Girls

As spring rolls in, so does the start of the Trailblazer Adventure Program’s season and the beginning of a partnership to introduce young women to outdoor sports and our hunting heritage.

The Trailblazer Adventure Program, a youth program of the U.S Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF) designed to introduce youth and families to the outdoors, and the American Heritage Girls (AHG), a Christ centered scouting organization for girls based in Cincinnati, signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Trailblazer in 2012. As part of the Memorandum, AHG troops would host their own Trailblazer Adventure Days to introduce AHG troops and their families to our hunting heritage.

Photo courtesy of US Sportsmen's Alliance

Photo courtesy of US Sportsmen’s Alliance

Among the first programs held this Trailblazer season were those of American Heritage Girls Troop 0044 from Batesburg, SC and Troop 0055 from Nashville, TN.  In total, over 200 AHG participants and families were able to experience firsthand the basics of America’s long standing hunting and conservation traditions.

Participants from Nashville and Batesburg gathered to participate in a day specifically aimed to place a bow, fishing pole and BB gun in the hands of all involved. Participants at the Nashville event were also introduced to the long time tradition of trapping, with a local trapper present with pelts and trapping demonstrations. Participants were excited with the day’s events.

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