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Women’s ATV/UTV Camps, courtesy of Trails and Tales Outdoor Adventures

Trails and Tales Outdoor Adventures want YOU to be the best prepared and most comfortable women ATV/UTV riders on the trails. To help you reach that goal, we here at Trails and Tales Outdoor Adventures will be holding ATV/UTV camps just for you.

Camps will be held in Hurley, Wis., from June 7 through 9 and August 23 to 25, 2013. During the two-and-one-half days, we will cover some of the basics of ATVing, to include classroom instruction, hands on training, and two guided rides, one in which the ladies will plan and conduct the ride with assistance from our staff.


Photo courtesy of Trails and Tails

So … you like to ride or want to learn but your boyfriend or husbands do everything for you and treat you like a “GIRL?”

After many years of ATVing with my wife, two daughters and their girl friends, ATVing meant I did everything (with some complaining).  My wife finally told me to quit complaining and teach them how to do some of the tasks required to prepare for riding and after. First few times there was a lot of trial and error, some held back frustrations for all of us, and now, I almost feel left out.  Yes, my girls can do pretty much everything the guys can do in preparation for a great ride, in some instances they do them better.

I recently retired, and with encouragement from family and friends, I decide to share the knowledge, skills and abilities I have attained from years of riding, maintaining, and trail riding situations with women who may be new to the sport or have been riding and don’t have patient friends to teach them.

During our women’s ATV/UTV camps, we we will cover in short classes and with hands on while on the trail are maintenance, planning a ride, safety and first aid, recovery and winching, load/unload and secure your machine.

For more information email or call us for more information and a registration packet. We offer a 10 percent discount for military and family members and will assist with ATV rental if requested.

We here at Trails and Tales have been blessed to live up here in “Da Nortwoods” or has we call it “God’s Country” where people are friendly and there is always something fun to do outdoors.


Curt & Terry Myers

Trails and Tales Outdoor Adventures



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