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Babbs in the Woods: Oh, the places you’ll go and the gear you’ll need for turkey hunting

Once again, I scratch. I itch. My arms and legs and other places not worth mentioning display welts and scratches and bites and sores. Yes, I’ve been turkey hunting again.

It happens every year. I get all revved up to get out there and after, oh say, 11 straight days of sitting in briars, taking swipes at poison ivy and slipping down hollers, I look like a junkie who has been living hard on the streets.


Photo by Jason Baird

So, while I take a little break from it all for a few days, to heal up and sleep in a bed and catch up on deadlines, here are some of my favorite things for turkey hunting.

  1. Remington 870 shotgun in 12 and 20. Somedays, if I’m going to be climbing hills and hollers, I’ll grab the 20. If I’m going to be sitting in a field, I’ll grab the 12.
  2.  Redhead, aka Bass Pro Shops’, women’s turkey vest. My fav so far, except mice have been chewing on it and it looks like it might just last through this season. I’ll definitely buy a new one for next season. Comfortable and hey, the bottom of it doesn’t hit me mid-thigh like those men’s vests do. And the shoulder straps are adjustable and the seat is a stadium-style, drop down number. I’ve taken more than one nap in that baby.
  3. Próis Eliminator jacket and pants. With the drop-down seat and breathable fabric, this set is my go-to turkey hunting apparel for this clime. I like the ball-cap style hood, in case it starts raining and I need to pop it up.
  4. Knight & Hale “Silver Hammer” pot call. Drop the hammer on those gobblers and this one really sounds like fingernails on the chalkboard and is so loud, a gobbler down in Arkansas called back to me this past week.
  5. LOWA Renegade boots with Outdoor Research Bugout gaiters. I need body gaiters. My ankles are bug free, thanks to Outdoor Research’s fine product.
  6. Winchester Xtended Range turkey loads.
  7. Realtree fleece beanie. It’s reversible, so you can wear the orange part out while you’re walking in to your hunting place. The temps dipped into the 20s for a few mornings, and that cap felt nice.
  8. Wigwam Outlast Weathershield socks from HERCAMOSHOP.COM. A sweaty foot is not a good friend when hunting. Wet feet get cold and hot feet get mushy. These socks, made of Merino wool, hug your foot and work to balance the temperature of your feet. It’s something called Outlast fiber. No clue how it works. It just does.

Babbs and ShootingStarr (Britney Starr) walked uphill all week in the Ozarks, searching for a tom or two. Photo by Travis Thompson

How about you? What won’t you leave home without when you turkey hunt?

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