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The WildThrive philosophy

I was raised by a hunting family and I’ve been a hunter since I was nine-years old, so I understand the fill-your-freezer way of life. But after a series of life events, I realized that in addition to wild game, I also needed to get nutrition out of other natural foods, too.

Photo courtesy of Jill Schaefer

Brita Lewis of WildThrive. Photo courtesy of Jill Schaefer

I started looking at the food I ate and the products I used on my body in a whole new way. It’s all connected: the nutrients, the pollutants and the soil, air and water — and me. And it’s all either part of the problem or part of the solution.

For example, when I go into the woods, I want to be scent-free so I can avoid spooking game. But, I also want to be scent-free in everyday life, so I’m not spreading around chemicals that are going to end up in food and water, or in the air I breathe.

So “WildThrive is my philosophy of living well, of living from the earth as closely as possible to how God intended. It’s about being close to nature and as self-sufficient as possible. And it’s about giving my body healing foods, while protecting it from harmful substances.

Brita with a mature doe that she harvested.

Brita with a mature doe that she harvested.

The bottom line is this: I’m a locavore (as much as possible, I eat food that’s locally grown). I kill and eat animals. I eat wild food. I love nature and the environment – it’s where I hunt. And I want to be as healthy as possible.

I think there are other hunters and hunting families who might be interested in this way of life, too, so I created a Facebook page and blog dedicated to this philosophy, and will be contributing to The WON on a regular basis. You can expect things like the following in my new column:

  • Recipes using wild ingredients
  • Safe alternatives to products and chemicals we typically use in the woods, in the kitchen, and at camp
  • Advice on getting and keeping our bodies in shape for maximum enjoyment of outdoor activities
  • Tips on getting more in tune with nature

I am honored to be a part of The WON family and look forward to sharing and discussing ideas at my column, WildThrive!

Photo courtesy of Jill Schaefer

Photo courtesy of Jill Schaefer




  • About Brita Lewis

    The youngest of three girls, Brita Lewis became her dad’s hunting buddy at the age of 9. She loved it. “I remember going to sit with him a lot and then one day realizing that I wanted to have my own weapon. I wanted the challenge.” This marketing strategist for Gray Loon in Evansville, Indiana, creates website and social media strategies for companies in the outdoor industry. She holds an MBA from the University of Southern Indiana and a BA in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University.


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  • Bill Bowers says: May 22, 2013 at 9:14 pm


    This guy (and many other readers, I’m sure) is also very happy you’re now a part of The WON family, and we look forward to reading more of your columns here!

    Particularly interested in learning more about recipes using wild ingredients, and
    safe alternatives to common products and chemicals.