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Próis Hunting & Field Apparel announces staff appointments for 2013

Próis® Hunting & Field Apparel for Women specializes in technical, high-performance hunting and shooting gear for women.  In business since 2008, Próis® has established its place as the premier source of gear for the hardcore female hunters and shooters.  Female owned and operated- we take pride in not being one of the guys. With that, Próis has long recognized the need to surround themselves with what can only be said as the hardest working and most amazing women in the industry!

Without further adieu, we would like to introduce the 2013 Pro-Staff and Field-Staff appointments for Próis Hunting & Field Apparel for Women!


New to Pro-Staff, Donna Boddington

Donna Boddington is a tough hunter. Period. Whether she’s leading the charge up a goat mountain with debilitating blisters or mustering for another scorching hot day of stalking Cape buffalo she is ready with fortitude and an indeed unbeatable spirit.

Born in Braintree Mass, she was raised in a large family before moving to California. Her hunting geography ranges from whitetail on her farm in Kansas to big game in South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. On the Dark Continent she’s taken game as small as the dik-dik and as large as the elephant and giraffe. She has harvested both ibex and chamois in Asia and Europe. On her home continent she’s enjoyed hunting all of our big game species and is still on the quest for a mountain goat.

She often enjoys the fun and camaraderie of hi ring alongside her husband, Craig Boddington. She shares Craig’s passion for mountain hunts.  Her current short term goal as a hunter is to become proficient as a bow hunter and her long term goal is to succeed at two goats that eluded her in the past; B.C. mountain goat and Pyrenean chamois.

Donna Boddington

Donna Boddington


New to Field Staff, Becky Lou Lacock

Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoors girl from the word GO!  She actively hunts year round including but not limited to deer, turkey, hogs, ducks, birds, and various predators. Sport shooting is often on her agenda including Sporting Clays, and she actively competes in Cowboy Action Shooting noted with her registered S.A.S.S alias “Sassy Bandit.” Having spent most of her life indoors, she is keenly aware that there are many women that do not consider most outdoor sports simply because they do not have 3 very important things; 1.) Information, 2.) Encouragement and 3.) Inspiration. This has helped define her mission in life, which is to provide these 3 things to women using all platforms made available to her. She is an avid volunteer for events and workshops teaching and inspiring women into outdoor activities. With her first TV appearance in early 2010, she has since appeared several times, as guest host, featured hunter, and is currently Co-Host of Double Lung Outdoors TV.


Becky Lou Lacock


New to Field Staff, Candace Crick

Candace Crick is a mother of 5 boys, married to her best friend, owner of Tusks-N-Tails Ranch, videographer for Okie Wild TV and now hosting a new show called Vital Obsession.  She is a volunteer and guide for Oklahoma Youth Hunting & Shooting Sports program and has started to volunteer her time to helping the local NASP program.  She has begun her pursuit towards the North American Grand Slam solely with stick and string.   She has been on hunts for Yukon Moose in the vast bush of Alaska; hunted the mountains of Idaho for black bear, and been blessed to witness the migration of Caribou at arms’ length.  She takes pride in filming all of her hunts with her husband.  Videography to her is just rewarding as harvesting the animal.   Candace believes, “We are the vitality to make this dream a reality; we are unconquerable and anything is possible! Sometimes you just need a helping hand and an open heart.”  Candace hopes to use the avenues she has been given through the great outdoors to inspire other women and to help them believe they too are unconquerable! Candace is elated to be given the opportunity to take Próis on all of her adventures.

Candice Crick

Candace Crick


New to Field Staff, Joni Kiser

Joni Kiser is co-owner of Full Curl Archery, the largest archery store in Alaska. She was raised in a truly “Alaskan” lifestyle with a father who was a Master Guide and Outfitter that ran a hunting lodge on the Alaska Peninsula for over 40 years. Whether she is teaching private archery lessons, running her youth Home School Archery Classes for the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), or being an instructor for Alaska Department of Fish and Games Women’s Archery Program – her life truly revolves around archery and hunting and it is something that is deeply embedded in the core of who she is. In 2012 she organized an “all ladies” bear hunt where she took a few new lady hunters out to get their first black bears (successfully!) and says she feels so proud when a woman she has taught how to shoot, goes out and successfully takes an animal with her bow! In 2012 Joni also successfully took a Pope and Young Record Book Brown Bear with her bow and is looking forward to more hunting adventures with her hunting buddies in 2013!

Joni Kiser

Joni Kiser


New to Field Staff, Tad Mecham

Tad has been hunting her whole life. Being outdoors and hunting is not what she does but who she is! Tad is an avid Houndsman, and her passion is hunting with the hounds. Tad and her husband Clint live in Southern Utah on the Paunsagaunt Plateau. They own and operate Sun C Outfitters. Tad is the reigning 2013 Extreme Huntress, has filled 2-once in a lifetime tags, plus-several mountain lion, mule deer and elk tags. She and Rebecca Francis (guide) will be in Alaska in October, hunting for a trophy brown bear. Tad inspects semi’s (DOT COP) for a living, when she’s not in the hills hunting or under a truck, you can find her riding her Harley in Beautiful Southern Utah.

Tad Mecham

Tad Mecham

Próis® Hunting & Field Apparel for Women specializes in technical, high-performance hunting and shooting gear for women. In business since 2008, Próis® has established its place as the premier source of gear for the hardcore female hunters and shooters. Female owned and operated- we take pride in not being one of the guys.


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