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Belting it out, by pro competition shooter Randi Rogers

Competition shooter Randi Rogers tells why she chooses to wear Comp-Tac’s Kydex Reinforced Contour belts, and we know it’s not just because she works for the company! A pro shooter must wear a belt that affords her a fast draw, without slop. We know that Randi wouldn’t choose anything less than the finest belt out there to help her perform to her best ability. The belt also works well for concealed carry. ~ Editor

How many times have you seen someone grab the front of a holster to keep it from pulling up on the draw? This is dangerous because you don’t want your hand in front of the holster, as you will cover yourself with your gun, and it also is uncomfortable and irritating.

What’s the solution?

A great gun belt.

My 2 favorite belts are my tapered Kydex Reinforced Contour belts. These are the most versatile gun belts I’ve ever worn. Each Comp-Tac belt is Kydex-lined so that it is more heavyduty and can support the weight of the gun without sagging and won’t bend and flex when I draw. 



Photo of Randi competing at the IDPA 2013 National Indoors Competition. Photo courtesy of Yamil Sued


Other reasons I like these belts

  • Comfort – A lot of people don’t think of belts as comfortable; they just exist around someone’s waist. Well, from my standpoint, comfort is actually a really important part of the belt. A lot of belts are straight and if you have ANY curves at all, they can be really uncomfortable on a woman’s frame. They tend to be too tight on the hips and too lose in the back, creating that sag. If you are smaller framed and you are trying to carry a couple of pounds on your waist in the form of a gun and magazines, the fit of the belt really can affect comfort. I have come home from the end of a match and had bruises on my hipbones from straight belts. The Comp-Tac belt is cut on a contour so that when you wear it, it will fit to the curve of your hips. This will cut down on the gapping in the back and give you more room in the hipbone area.
  • Fashion! Face it … this is sometimes the most important part of any gear you choose! I love the Comp-Tac belt because it doesn’t really LOOK like a gun belt. It looks like a nice leather belt that I can wear with jeans or slacks. Sometimes I even swap out the buckle to something fancier. This comes in really handy when I carry concealed, because no one expects me to have a gun because I am just wearing normal clothes.

comp-tac kydex beltsComp-Tac’s Kydex-Reinforced Contour belts cost $90 and come in black or brown. Visit Comp-Tac for more information.

Visit Randi Rogers online.

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