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Eris Merritt’s opening day mega-mulie

Eris Merritt. Sounds like a movie star’s name, but this lady hunter wouldn’t trade her lifestyle for all the bucks and glory that come with a starlet’s lifestyle. An inventory specialist at a farm equipment dealership in Baker City, Oregon, this active hunter and shooter spends most of her free time scouting and preparing for hunting big game in her state. In fact, according to her family, she’s the “head scout.”

When asked about her delightful name, she said, “Eris is Greek, and means goddess of war. I don’t think my parents knew the meaning of it when they named me!” However, this woman knows how to handle a rifle, and she knows how to reload for one, too.

Active in United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), Eris also shoots an M&P handgun, just like Julie Golob does. When she was shooting USPSA several years ago, she had a few questions and reached out to Julie through email. Of course, Julie being Julie, responded – much to Eris’s surprise. They became friends online, met at the SHOT Show and have since enjoyed camaraderie, particularly in the subject of hunting. Many of you will remember that Julie also is a seasoned hunter.

So, it is not a surprise that after Eris tagged an opening morning mulie buck that she would send this photo to Julie. Julie then sent it on to us at The WON and now, we’re delighted to tell you about Eris Merritt.



This photo is the one she sent to Julie G! Photo courtesy of Eris Mulie


Eris and her husband, Ray, hunt together, shoot USPSA together and reload together. The story of her opening-day mulie, though, leaves her husband at home. After all, the weather stunk – raining and generally a nasty eastern Oregon day. Her husband told her she could use his .257 Weatherby  – an anniversary present from her to him. “Synthetic stock, lots of rain? I thought, I think I will use that gun,” remarked Eris.

And use it she did. Short and sweet and home to eat. 

“I had scouted this area by the spring for a couple of weeks,” she said. She went out, shortly after first light and didn’t even have time to make herself comfortable, saw several does and then, the bruiser mulie came into range. She took 1 shot at 150 yards and voila! Buck down. His rough score tallies about 170.

“I trust my husband’s reloads,” she said. For this hunt, she shot a Combined Technologies Ballistic Silver Tip bullet in 115 grain.

And what does she say to women who might want to hunt? “It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you hunted before – if you want to do it, you can do it!”



Eris Merritt and an Oregon bull elk she tagged. Photo courtesy of Eris Merritt




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