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HERCAMOSHOP adds pro- and field-staff

Indianapolis, IN – Nov. 12, 2013 – Shelly Ray, CEO of HERCAMOSHOP, LLC, announced a new lineup of huntresses on the company’s pro- and field-staffs. Jana Waller, Randi Rogers and Becky Lou Lacock join the pro-staff team, while Teri Lancaster, Rena Sneed, Kimberly Snyder and Kimaree Woodward will serve on its field-staff. Formerly on the field-staff team, Lacock’s promotion to pro-staff follows on the heels of her tireless promotion of the company. “I am thrilled that these women have chosen to join the HERCAMOSHOP family and I look forward to working with them. They are exactly the types of role models for other hunters – male and female, along with youth – who are searching for inspiration and guidance regarding hunting and shooting,” said Shelly.

Jana Waller

Montana’s Jana Waller hosts and produces her own hunting adventure show, Skull Bound TV, on The Sportsman Channel. Also well known in the outdoor industry as a freelance writer, her bylines have appeared in Bowhunter, Predator Xtreme, Rack, Petersen’s Bowhunting, Mule Deer Foundation, Turkey Country, Texas Bowhunter’s Journal and Buckmasters. HERCAMOSHOP is the exclusive source for Waller’s apparel, DVDs and decals.


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Randi Rogers

As the newest member of Team Smith & Wesson, Randi Rogers is a world and nationally ranked competitive shooter and an outdoors industry professional. She started shooting with her grandfather at the young age of 11, in Cowboy Action Shooting. In 2012, Randi joined the holster manufacturing company Comp-Tac Victory Gear as its Marketing and Sales Manager, based in Texas.

Randi competes in modern pistol sports, including IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol. Randi holds more than 40 World and National Championships in 7 different shooting disciplines and has learned that one of the best forms of relaxation is enjoying the great outdoors. When she is not on the range, Randi enjoys learning new outdoors skills, like hunting and fishing, and enjoys becoming a well-rounded outdoor woman.




Becky Lou Lacock

As the co-host of Double Lung Outdoors TV, Becky Lou Lacock brings her enthusiasm for hunting and shooting from her home in Texas to the world. A noted proponent of women outdoors, Becky hunts various species of animals year round with firearms and bow, and volunteers at Becoming an Outdoors-Woman events. A freelance writer, she has been published in Intermedia Outdoors Game & Fish magazines, Sportsman magazine and Outdoor Hub. Becky Lou also serves on staff with Commando Call products, Sure-Loc/Field Logic, Próis Hunting Apparel and Trophy Bag Koolers. She manages the pro-staff for Skull Bound Scent Products.




Teri Lancaster

Floridian and avid bowhunter Teri Lancaster participates in the Mathews Archery VIP program. Shortly after learning how to bowhunt in 2009, she completed a turkey Grand Slam in 3 months. Since then, she has tagged a black bear and an elk. Teri also is on staff at Ladies in Camo, YUKON by Igloo and Próis Hunting and Field Apparel.




Rena Sneed

Rena Sneed grew up watching her dad make archery targets in Indiana, but didn’t start hunting until the age of 19. Rena works as family support specialist/home visitor for families “at risk” of child abuse and neglect. She is on the pro-staff at “Women Hunt Too” and loves photographing the outdoors. Although a fan of her Remington 1100 because she loves upland hunting, she also has a passion for archery and plans to make her first archery harvest this season.




Kimberly Snyder

A dedicated waterfowler, Kimberly Snyder lives in Virginia and works for Lockheed Martin. When not working or hunting, Kimberly might be found volunteering time for Ducks Unlimited events or Wounded Warrior outings. A member of the women’s hunting team at Widewater Waterfowl in Virginia and on the pro-staff as a hunter for Southern Duckmen in Louisiana, Snyder pens her tales about hunting for Lady Hunter magazine.




Kimaree Woodward

A 4-H archery club coach, Kimaree Woodward knows about mentoring the next generation. Hailing from Nebraska, she enjoys shooting archery competitions, along with her son. She recently qualified to shoot on Nebraska’s state team in the Games of America 2015. Look for her in November on Season 4 of Ammo & Attitude on The Pursuit Channel. A stay-at-home mom, Woodward includes her children in her hunts, and looks forward to sharing her outdoor experiences with others via HERCAMOSHOP.


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